James Last - Caribbean Nights (1980)

This album was not only released in Spain (as avaxhome wrote) but all over Europe and performed by the orchestra and chorus of the German composer and arranger James Last.

It features 10 songs dedicated to Caribbean music, particularly the Jamaican one and 'reggae', selected from well-known successes of this kind of music, especially by Jamaican authors like Bob Marley or Jimmy Cliff.

Last adds some cuts of his own creation.

This is one of the most interesting albums by James Last, because as far as I know, it´s his first and last Reggae album.

James Last Orchestra

Tracklist:01. Look At The Mountains (Cliff) 3.20
02. Stir It Up (Marley) 4.46
03. Sandy (J.Last/R.Last) 4.11
04. Summer Love (J.Last) 3.27
05. Positive Vibration (Ford) 4.50
06. So Much Things To Say (Marley) 3.13
07. Exodus (Marley) 6.37
08. Waiting In Vain (Marley) 3.44
09. In The Promised Land (J.Last) 3.22
10. I Don't Wanna Know (McCracken) 3.24

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