Mostly Autumn - The Last Bright Light (2001)

Just imagine if 80's Pink Floyd melded with 90's Pendragon and added a smidgen of celtic folk fronted at times with a female singer....whew! That's a mouthful huh? I was lucky enough to find this album new yet budget priced at a Princeton record store. I only have their first album and wasn't too impressed. This one however is another story. I enjoy Josh's Gilmour-flavored guitar work a bit more then his Gilmour-flavored vocals which covers most of this album. He doesn't ape or steal melodies from Gilmour but you can hear his influence. Heather Findlay's voice is very good, not earth shatteringly beautiful ala Annie Haslam and the like but flows well with the rather laid back prog on this disc which pretty much sums up this album and band for the most part. Their music is a sort of Neo/symphonic prog with a small bit of Celtic folk. No space rockish Floyd, no bombastic Neoish Pendragon, yet there is a rather close tie with the two bands. The second half of the album picks up the pace with some upbeat tempos and riffing guitar here and there. It's not complex nor heady stuff, more atmospheric and wordy. They do jam some with Josh's guitar overshadowing Jennings's keyboard work. Overall tho, I took a liking to the disc the more I listened to it and there are many melodies that stick around in my head days after. (by prog fan)

Jonathan Blackmore (drums)
Liam Davison (guitar, slide-guitar)
Heather Findlay (vocals, percussion)
Angela Goldthorpe (flute, recorders, background vocals)
Iain Jennings (keyboards, background vocals)
Bryan Josh (guitar, vocals)
Andy Smith (bass)
Marissa Claughan (cello on 04., 06. + 10)

Albert Dannenmann (rauschpfeife, krumhorn, renaissance recorders, solo sopranino, hummelchen, gaita)
Troy Donockley (low whistles on 07 + 10)

01. ... Just Moving On (Josh) 1.30
02. We Come And We Go (Josh) 4.36
03. Half The Mountain (Josh) 5.22
04. The Eyes Of The Forest (Findlay/Josh) 2.53
05. The Dark Before The Daw (Faulds/Jennings/Jig/Josh) 5.10
06. Hollow (Jennings) 6.08
07. Prints In The Stone (Daivson/Josh) 3.27
08. The Last Bright Light (Josh) 8.14
09. Never The Rainbow (Findlay/Jennings) 3.48
10. Shrinking Violet (Findlay/Josh)8.34
11. Helms Deep (Goldthorpe) 6.45
12. Which Wood? (Goldthorpe) 2.45
13. Mother Nature (Josh) 12.09

ARMU 2370
ARMU 2370 (zippyshare)