American Idol Top 10: !010 Tour Dates Announced

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April 29, 2010 01:00:54 by Nancy Floyd


Fans ofAmerican Idol will get a fortune to see their favorite performers exist in concert this summer! As usual, the Top 10 contestants from theFOX singing competition will hit the road this summer, performing live in 49 cities across the U.

. The tour kicks off in Auburn Hills, Michigan on July 1st. Keep reading to see when the Top 10 will be playing in a city near you_

The Top 10 contestants fromAmerican Idol-Aaron Kelly,Andrew Garcia,Casey James,Crystal Bowersox,Didi Benami,Katie Stevens,Lee Dewyze,Michael Lynche,Siobhan Magnus, andTim Urban-are hitting the road this summer for a massive nationwide tour. TheAmerican Idols LIVE! Tour 2010 kicks off on July 1st in Auburn Hills, Michigan and ends September 18th in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Simon Fuller, creator and executive producer ofAmerican Idol, says,"We are all look ahead to this year`sAmerican Idol Live! Tour. This is always one of the highlights of the year. Each of the Idols have the prospect to see the multitude that voted for them and do at incredible venues all over America, another special moment in their developing careers."

Ticket information can be ground at the officialAmerican Idol website ( Tickets go on sale on May 14th in select cities.

Here`s a complete listing of tour dates and venues: DATE CITY VENUE 7/1 Auburn Hills, MI Palace of Auburn Hills 7/2 Milwaukee, WI Summerfest 7/3 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena 7/5 Hamilton, ON Copps Coliseum 7/7 Wantagh, NY Nikon at Jones Beach 7/10 Atlantic City, NJ Mark G. Etess Arena 7/11 Philadelphia, PA Wachovia Center 7/13 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun Arena 7/14 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena 7/15 Hershey, PA Giant Center 7/17 Albany, NY Times Union Center 7/18 Mansfield, MA Comcast Center 7/20 Newark, NJ Prudential Center 7/23 Washington, DC Jiffy Lube Live 7/24 Baltimore, MD 1st Mariner Arena 7/25 Charlotte, NC Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre 7/27 Columbus, OH Nationwide Arena 7/28 Knoxville, TN Thompson-Boling Arena 7/29 Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach Amphitheater 7/31 Lexington, KY Rupp Arena 8/1 Duluth, GA Arena at Gwinnett Center 8/3 Sunrise, FL BankAtlantic Center 8/4 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum 8/7 Houston, TX Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavillion 8/8 Tulsa, OK BOK Center 8/9 Dallas, TX American Airlines Center 8/12 Phoenix, AZ US Airways Center 8/13 Los Angeles, CA Staples Center 8/14 Mountainview, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountainview 8/16 San Diego, CA Viejas Arena 8/17 Anaheim, CA Honda Center 8/18 Sacramento, CA ARCO Arena 8/20 Seattle, WA Key Arena 8/21 Portland, OR Rose Garden 8/23 Denver, CO Comfort Dental Amphitheatre 8/25 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center 8/26 Omaha, NE Qwest Center 8/27 St. Louis, MO Scottrade Center 8/29 Minneapolis, MN Target Center 8/30 Chicago, IL United Center 8/31 Des Moines, IA Wells Fargo Arena 9/2 Toledo, OH The Huntington Center 9/3 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center 9/4 Indianapolis, IN Conseco Fieldhouse 9/7 Winnipeg, MB MTS Centre 9/10 Buffalo, NY HSBC Arena 9/11 Cleveland, OH Quicken Loans Arena 9/13 Bridgeport, CT Arena at Harbor Yard 9/14 Pittsburgh, PA Consol Energy Center

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You Are Not My Friend

You are not my friend,
I cannot pretend that you are.
Norah Jones, singer, song writer

I read an interesting post over at Random Thoughts titled “Dad’s Not Your Friend” regarding parents being friends with their kids. Even the Wall Street Journal has an article this week about parents being hip with their kids:

This less-defiant generation is influencing plots, changing what types of shows get made and prompting networks like MTV that have long specialized in youthful rebellion to rethink their approach. The new, more-sanguine shows still broach racy topics like sex, drug use and teen pregnancy, but they appease parents by always presenting consequences. Parents typically have prominent roles and just as many tawdry story lines as the teens—and look almost like older siblings. …For decades, TV has depicted teens as angst-ridden and rebellious, and parents as out-of-touch and unhip…

While I always thought I was knowledgeable, if not hip, when it came to pop culture, by my late-20s I was falling behind. When daughter was four or five, I thought Snoop Dog was a new name for Charlie Brown’s dog Snoopy. We had a short who’s the boss moment about what she could or could not listen to; I prevailed and she no longer owned a Snoop Dog tape.

I never viewed myself as daughter’s friend, buddy, chum, colleague, or comrade ever:

  • We share secrets – but only important family secrets: “let’s have a Ding Dong, but don’t tell mom.”
  • We go to sporting events – but we don’t have beers. We boo and cheer, share a hot dog and peanuts.
  • We might have a drink over dinner – but we don’t go drinking.
  • We go to concerts – but we don’t get drunk or smoke anything, but we do have a good time singing and dancing. She has seen the Rolling Stones and Ray Davies three times.

While daughter is grown, it seems financial assistance is still required. Granted, she is still in school, and that seems like it is going on forever (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and next May, a law degree). I have nothing to complain about. She is a good kid and works hard, but we are not pals.

I view friendship differently -- more informal and certainly much less responsibility. I would never want to burden her with my problems and issues. I am her father and I will always be her father. That is a relationship that is so much more meaningful and important than being her friend.

Emails from an Asshole

"Ducking for apples - change one letter and it's the story of my life."
Dorothy Parker (1893–1967), writer, poet

No, these are not my e-mails or my book, however, I wish I had thought of it. It very much reminds me of The Lazlo Letters by Don Novello, who also played Father Guido Sarducci on Saturday Night Live.

The Lazlo Letters were stilted letters to celebrities under the pen name of Lazlo Toth (name taken from that of Laszlo Toth, a deranged man who vandalized Michelangelo's Pietà in Rome). The letters, designed to tweak the noses of politicians and corporations, were full of deliberate misstatements of fact and inside jokes. Many of these letters received serious responses; Novello sometimes continued the charade correspondence at length, with humorous results (from Wikipedia).

I encourage for a good laugh to check out a few of the other letters. One my favorites thus far is the "Wood Chipper Rental."

Original ad:
Garage sale on Saturday April 17th from 10 am to 4 pm. Lots of clothes, furniture, electronics, and more. The address is 341 ********* Drive. Email me if you need directions. Now before you think this woman doesn't deserve it, she spammed this ad everywhere, every day. I was sick of seeing it. From Me to ***********@**********.org:


I live a few blocks away from you and couldn't help but notice you are having a garage sale this Saturday. I am going to have to kindly ask you to change the date of your garage sale. I am having my annual world class garage sale on that day, and I do not want you to take away any of the customers that would be coming to my garage sale.

If you could hold your garage sale some time during May or June, that would be great.


From Karen ******** to Me: I'm not changing the date. There is plenty of room for both of our garage sales. From Me to Karen *******:


There is not enough room for both of our garage sales. As I said earlier, my garage sale is a "world class" event. It draws in garage sale connoisseurs from all over the region. I have already booked a bartender and a string quartet for my sale on Saturday. My garage sale is a classy experience, and I do not want that experience to be ruined for customers who mistake your garage sale for mine. Now I'm not saying your garage sale isn't going to be nice, but I highly doubt you have a bartender and string quartet at your sale.

Please take down all of the ads in the neighborhood for your sale to avoid any confusion for my customers.


From Karen ******** to Me: How rude of you to even make this request. I have the right to have a garage sale when ever I want to. What gives you the nerve to think you can tell me what to do?

From Me to Karen *******:


You are correct, you do have the right to do whatever you want. I realize that I cannot change your mind about this.

I can, however, put up this ad all over the neighborhood. Let me know what you think of it:


From Karen ******** to Me: What the hell is the matter with you? I swear if I see any of those ads in the neighborhood I will tear them down and report you. Do not speak to me again about this. You have been warned.

From Me to Karen *******:


I'm willing to cut you a deal and get you a spot on the guest list for my world class garage sale if you cancel yours.


From Karen ******* to Me: Screw you and screw your world class garage sale, you world class prick.

World Incorporated Wrestling - Wrestling Forum : WWE, TNA, E-Fed .

The maiden ever Warfare kicks off with a video, many of the wrestlers appear on it, saying what they plan on doing in WIW, and why they arrived. many big names appear on the video promising to be a success in the company, and say they weren't going to drop out on this huge opportunity. We then go to the arena. A big pyro then went off as the camera's moved round the arena, past tonnes of screaming fans, showing various signs, many for Rob Van Dam.

The camera's then went to the commentators, Jim Ross and Tazz. JR started by saying he was charmed to be back, and hyped up WIW as the place to be, he said this was the present every wrestling fan, including him, had been waiting for, and so went on to plug the night's matches. Graphics showed for Heath Slater versus Dolph Ziggler, a 4 way for the tag team titles and Edge versus Drew McIntyre where the success will win to the WIW title match at Revolution. The fans cheers turned to boo's, as Drew McIntyre made his way out, with a feeling of distainon his face. Drew slowly made his way into the call and grabbed a microphone off Dave Penzer. McIntyre would say that it was some time he was granted an opportunity at the world title, and claimed he was the enfranchisement of WIW, their undoubted greatest talent. As McIntyre continued to bourdon on, fans replied with s big "What?" after every sentence, and finally went to chants of "Boring!" Finally, much to the transport of fans, this was interrupted by the subject of Edge, who made his way out to a mixed reaction, fans still not sure who's side he is on. Edge grabbed a mic and started by telling mcIntyre how unbelievably boring he is, saying half the guys in the second are asleep. Edge told McIntyre that he was leaving to get speared, and then hinted that he couldn't wait until the chief issue to do it, McIntyre fired back with some standard insults. Edge then put the mic to his mouth, about to hit back at Drew, but so changed his mind, throwing down the mic and spearing McIntyre to a huge pop. Edge raised his arms in the air as McIntyre rolled out of the ring. The camera's then went to a cabinet room backstage, where Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Jeff Jarrett and Sid Vicious were talking amongst each other. The camera's came on them only in sentence to discover them run down all the new talent in WIW, and say they were passing to be the main eventers of this company. We then went back to the arena, as the ever ecentric and strange Orlando Jordan made his way to the telephone to a fairly silent reaction. Next out was Justin Gabriel, who ran down the ramp high fiving front row fanswith a big smile on his face. The one on one match got underway, as Gabriel started strong, showing off his impressive aerial skills. Gabriel seemed too often for OJ, hitting him with stiff kicks to the breast and head. Eventually OJ would stop Gabriel's momentum, backrdropping him ended the ropes to the outside. From here Jordan slowed down Gabriel with farious submissions, and treid to put him off with some bigger moves, getting many near falls. Gabriel would push back into moderate and hit some big moves, capping it off with a picture perfect 450 splash, getting an impressive pinfall victory over Jordan. ~Commercial Break~ As WIW returned, Tazz and JR went over the 1st draw of the show, as a replay played of Edge spearing McIntyre, and Gabriel pinning OJ. Next up, a 4 way to top the start tag team champions. Out first is the Young Bucks, Max and Jeremy, with a fair standard entrance, followed by Beer Money. Next out is Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, who surprisingly get a big pop from the crowd. The last team to participate is Mark Henry and Percy Watson. Henry shows off his biceps as Percy runs round the ring dancing and high fiving fans. The match is an unorganised brawl to get off, members from all teams trying to obviate the others from the ring. In the end, Beer Money and the Young Buck's are odd in the ring, and they kick things off with some fine wrestling. Throughout the match, teams almost trade places from the exterior of the border to the inside, as the match ranges from fantastic, when the Young Bucks are in the ring, to fairly average, when Hall and Nash and Watson and H are in the ring. Eventually Mark Henry hits a World's Strongest Slam on Scott Hall and looks to hve the pair won, but Jamest Storm superkicks him and pins Hall to win the catch for Beer Money, making them the first WIW tag tem champions. Beer Money celebrate on the storm with their titles Backstage, the WIW interviewer, Lacey Von Erich is with Heath Slater. Slater says it's time for him to measure up, and tonight he will show everyone how dear he is as he beats Dolph Ziggler. Backt to JR and Tazz, they advertise tonight's main event, Drew McIntyre versus Edge in a semifinal match for the WIW title, they say next week Rob Van Dam will have on Kane in the other semi final, and the last will have aim at WIW's first pay per view, Revolution. A pre recorded video plays of Rob Van Dam talking about why he signed with WIW. RVD says it felt like the good thing to do, and he didn't need to observe a WIW show in a few months and wish he had joined. Backstage there is a short consultation with Jim Cornette in his office, he says that he might be the GM, but he's going to try and sit back and let the wrestler's take care of themselves. Cornette then says how big it is to go in a society where there is nobody called Vince.~Commercial Break~ As Warfare returns, Heath Slater enters, followed by Dolph Ziggler. Their match is surprisingly good. Ziggler showed how well he is when it comes to mat wrestling with some good take downs and holds on Slater. The 2 would then go backwards and forward for mostof the match, with neither man staying in command for very long before the former would counter. Ziggler got multiple near falls, and so looked to take the pair won after a Zig Zag, but Slater surprisingly kicked out. Not hanker after, Slater would dodge a clothesline and hit a jumping neckbreaker, and then pin Ziggler for the win, much to the storm of the whole crowd. Slater celebrated with front row fans, delighted with his win, as Ziggler seemed shocked and horrified by the result, almost tearing his hair out within the ring. In a pre taped video very like to RVD's, Edge talks about joining WIW, saying the prize was soft for him, and he was desperate for a new challenge. He said he will break at nothing to get the WIW champion. A vignette type promo played for Kane, as he gave one of his dark, eerie promo's, Kane promised to get a rule of threat and end on WIW, as his match next week with Rob Van Dam was again mentioned by Tazz and JR. Backstage Beer Money Inc. Were interviewed by lacey Von Erich. They said there is a just cause they are the foremost champions in WIW, because they are the best tag team in wrestling, and 2 best wrestlers in WIW. The subject of Drew McIntyre then hit as he made his way out, lookking very annoyed, and showing real hate to the crowd. This was followed by Edge, who this time got a big pop. The 2 entered the phone as the main event got underway. The pair started with the 2 trading punches and kicks, but the pace gradually slowed down. Warfare took a commercial just as McIntyre hurled Edge over the top rope.

Esbjorn Svensson Trio Live In Dublin Ireland 2002

Esbjörn Svensson Trio Live In Dublin Ireland 2002

This concert is supposed to have been held on
May 24th, 2002. Source: Radio Jazz Live

FM Broadcast

Venue Vicar Street Dublin Ireland


1. Radio introduction
2. Serenade For The Renegade
3. Rythm-A-Ning
4. Carcrash
5. Good Morning Susie Soho
6. Dodge The Dodo


Esbjörn Svensson - piano
Dan Berglund - bass
Magnus Öström - drums

Esbjorn Svensson Trio Live in Studio 4A 2002

Esbjorn Svensson Trio Live in Studio 4A 2002


01 Serenade for the Renegade
02 Strange Place for Snow
03 Behind the Yashmak


Esbjörn Svensson - piano
Dan Berglund - bass
Magnus Öström - drums

Bitrate 320

Pat Metheny Group Live In Tokyo 2002

Pat Metheny Group Live In Tokyo 2002


01-As It Is
03-A Place In The world
04-Another Life
07-Scrap Metal


Pat Metheny Guitars
Richard Bona Vocals Percussion
Lyle Mays Piano
Steve Rodby Bass
Coung Vu Vocal Trumpet
Antonio Sanchez Drums

Exile on Main Street Redux

“Of course, they look a little different, ... We all do.”
Keith Richards, Rolling Stone

Exile on Main St. is the Holy Grail of the Rollings Stones LPs, CDs, MP3s, etc. Now, The Rolling Stones are going to re-release it with 10 unearthed tracks and everything remastered.

Enjoy! I have and will

Here is the official video release of the single "Plundered My Soul":

Ice Cube - Then and Now

Saw this somewhere pretty small, so I rebuilt it to share with y'all.

Reading Report

Here is the link for the READING REPORT, which is due this week.


Klosterman:Technology vs. Freedom

I'm enjoying Chuck Klosterman's latest collection of essays, Eating the Dinosaur. In particular, the essay titled "FAIL." Here's an excerpt:

When it's warm out I like to sit inside air-conditioned rooms. Yet what am I giving up in order to have a 70-degree living room in July?

Nothing that's particularly important to me.

For the air conditioner to work, I need to live in a building that has electricity, so I have to be connected to the rest of society. That's fine. That's no problem. Of course, to be accepted by that society, I have to accept the rules and laws of community living. That's fine, too. Now, to thrive and flourish and afford my electric bill, I will also have to earn money. But that's okay -- most jobs are social and many are enriching and necessary. However, the only way to earn money is to do something (or provide something) that is valued by other people. And since I don't get to decide what other people value, what I do to make a living is not really my decision. So -- in order to have air-conditioning -- I will agree to live in a specific place with other people, following whatever rules happen to exist there, all while working at a job that was constructed by someone else for their benefit.

In order to have a 70-degree living room, I give up almost everything.

Yet nothing that's particularly important to me.

What do you think? Is he crazy, or did he hit the nail on the head?