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Netherlands runs out of criminals,has to shut prisons

Netherlands obviously knows what the hell they're doing; how about we take some lessons from them? President Obama, I'm talking to you.
The Dutch justice ministry has announced it will close eight prisons and cut 1,200 jobs in the prison system. A decline in crime has left many cells empty.
Read the story here.

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Survey results on social media and reputational risk

Deloitte has a report out on results from their third annual "Ethics & Workplace" survey; this one's about social media (e.g., blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the reputational risk to companies when their employees use them.

Click here to check it out.

Stanley Clarke Marcus Miller Victor Wooten Leipzig Germany 2008

Stanley Clarke Marcus Miller Victor Wooten Leipzig Germany 2008


Stanley Clarke - electric bass
Marcus Miller - electric bass
Victor Wooten - electric bass, acoustic bass
Federico Gonzales Peña - keyboards
Derico Watson - drums
recorded live at Leipziger Jazztage, October 4, 2008


1. Maestros
2. Grits
3. Tutu
4. Schooldays

T.T 53:09

Source: Radio Broadcast Sound: Excellent

Bitrate 320

Esperanza Spalding J&R Music Festival 2008

Esperanza Spalding J&R Music Festival 2008


01 I Adore You
02 She Got You
03 Winter Sun
04 Unknown
05 Wild As The Wind
06 Precious


Esperanza Spalding Bass Vocal
Leo Genovese keyboards
Ricardo Vogt Guitar
Otis Brown III Drums

Fm Broadcast WBGO

Bitrate 320 CBR

Cruising Compass Presented by Low Water Sailing (May 14, !009 .

Cruising Community Our Readers Respond - Four Good Reasons to Navigate with an SSB "I thought I'd point out that an important distinction between Winlink and SailMail is that use of Winlink is governed by FCC laws regulating amateur radio service which prohibit any transmissions that connect to commerce.E-mails sent via Winlink cannot be for ordering products, requesting prices for a product, or for any commercial use whatsoever.

sage of SailMail has no such restrictions. To publish that "SailMail is essentially the like service for SSB with the exception that there is a small annual charge to use the planetary system." is technically not a correct statement.Yes they share many similarities, but they are not basically the like service. I love reading The Cruising Compass.Keep up the right work. John Procter, Dedham, MA."Largest-ever ARC Europe fleet start from Nanny Cay, Tortola, BVIsarc_europe09 In the largest-ever ARC Europe rally, 28 yachts from 12 different countries, crossed the first line off Tortola, British Virgin Islands yesterday (Thursday May 7) at 1200 local time. This is the largest ever pass to have office in Earth Cruising Club's ARC Europe rally as many of the yachts are on their homeward back to Europe leg following participating in the World ARC and others having a winter season in the Caribbean. Four other yachts will be joining the cod in Bermuda, having started from several ports on the southeast coast of America. In blustery east-south-easterly conditions, the fleet started their 840 nautical mile passage to Bermuda, heading to the westward of Tortola, leaving Little Thatch and Great Thatch Islands and Jost Van Dam to starboard. A bunch of spectator boats bid them a safe farewell for the first leg of the rally, which will last at Lagos in Portugal towards the end of June, having cruised Bermuda and the Azores Archipelago en route. Rally "met-man", the Australian meteorologist Bruce Buckley, who will be sending daily forecasts to the fleet, has predicted, that once off from the Islands, winds should check in the east-south-east sector around 20 knots; perfect weather for the 5-7 day passage. This class is the start sentence the ride has started from Nanny Cay, and the Marina gave the fleet a terrific send off, hosting a company and dinner for all the crews. Many will be bad to leave 'Nature's little secret' (as the Islands are billed by the Tourist Board), having enjoyed exploring the BVIs as a final component of their Caribbean cruising. MORE: Fees in St. Martin and St. Vincent and the Grenadines The French St. Martin Ports Authority implemented new anchorage fees in Marigot Bay as of January 1. An initial administrative fee is due on arrival, which includes the inaugural day's anchoring charge. Based on length, the fee ranges from $25 for yachts 26 to 43 feet and goes up to $190 for vessels more than 240 feet. Non-resident yachts also pay $0.30 per meter (three feet) for the back and third day, and $0.45 per meter the 4th day and thereafter. Lastly, there is an extra level of $6.40 to make out. As of now, the daily anchoring charge is just in force in Marigot Bay, however, there are discussions about extending it to Grand Case Bay. Traveling south to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, you'll now pay a flat monthly fee of $13 per person per month for entry and sailing the nation's waters. This simplifies the other per person entry fee of $1.90 per day for up to 7 days, after which there were no charges.Off the Cruising Forums "We just posted a new Panama City Cruiser's Guide - May 2009 in the files part of this site. We promise you get this information useful." Posted by S/V Windsong on the Yahoo Southbound Group.Cape sailor's yacht found abandoned mid-ocean Cape Town yachtsman Nick Robinson, 47, has gone missing in the Atlantic Ocean 450 nautical miles south of the island of St Helena, where his yacht, Sea Jade, has been found adrift. The Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) in Cape Town said yesterday they had been alerted by Robinson's family that he was 3 years' later in arriving in Walvis Bay. He had plotted to put into Walvis, weather permitting, en route home from St Helena. He was sailing the 54-ft schooner single-handed. The MRCC asked another vessel in the area, a bulk carrier called Friendly Seas, to steam towards the yacht in the promise that by the clock it arrived the conditions would receive improved. The majority carrier arrived at the yacht on Sunday morning. The crew boarded the yacht but found it deserted. The life raft was still connected to the yacht and there appeared to be no damage. Sarene Kloren, spokesperson for the MRCC, said yesterday that the crowd were unable to establish what had happened to Robinson. Lionel Dyck, commodore of False Bay Yacht Club, who has sailed back from St Helena on his own, said he had gone overboard twice on the voyage. "It could have happened to him. I never took my harness off, I was clipped on all the time. But still with a rule on it is not slow to get back into the yacht on your own," he said. From Cape Times.

Remember when?Christian Bale's Meltdown:The Dance Remix

This is so old now, but I've had the track in my iTunes, and it just came up (I love shuffle!) so I felt like sharing. It's totally NSFW, but it's catchy and I can dance to it.

Steps Ahead Montreal 1989

Steps Ahead Live at Festival International Jazz Montreal 1989


Mike Mainieni - Midi vibraharp
Bendik Hofseth - tn sx
Rachel Z - kbds
Jimmy Tunnel - el gtr
Victor Bailey - el bs
Steve Smith - dms


1. Absolutely Maybe (M.Mainieni) (9:13)
2. N.Y.C. (M.Mainieni/B.Hofseth) (8:44)
3. Trains (M.Mainieni)) (14:06)

Bitrate 320

Kenny Barron Village Vanguard 2008

Kenny Barron
Live At The Village Vanguard
New York City - August 27, 2008
WBGO Broadcast
Radio Recording

mp3 / 320Kbps / 93+79MB / 76'


1.Barron Intro
2.Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise (Romberg)
3.Um Beijo (Barron)
4.Shuffle Boil (Monk)
5.Blame It On My Youth (Levant)
6.New Samba (Barron)
7.And Then Again (Barron)

Kenny Barron (piano)
Dayna Stephens (tenor saxophone)
Kiyoshi Kitagawa (bass)
Francisco Mela (drums)

Recorded Live At The Village Vanguard
New York City August 27, 2008

Pat Metheny Group Tokyo Japan 2009 CD2

Pat Metheny Group Tokyo Japan 2009
2nd stage

10. Have You Heard
11. James
12. This Is Not America
13. Tell It All
14. Are You Going With Me
15. Farmer’s Trust
16. Last Train Home
17. Proof
18. Minuano
19. Song For Bilbao

Pat Metheny
Lyle Mays
Steve Rodby
Antonio Sanchez

Highly Recommended

Pat Metheny Group Tokyo Japan 2009 CD1

 Pat Metheny Group
Blue Note Tokyo,Japan`2009/01/07 1st set

1. Phase Dance
2. Jaco
3. Better Days Ahead
4. Goodbye
5. To The End of The World
6. The Road to You
7. So May It Secretly Begin
8. Lone Jack

9. Extradition


Pat Metheny
Lyle Mays
Steve Rodby
Antonio Sanchez

Highly Recommended

Note to wife:don't watch this.

You think it's just going to be cool and neat, but it gets dark and scary. Sorry to spoil it for those who like dark and scary, but everyone else should consider this fair warning.

That said, *I loved it.

How to Beat the Swine Flu

It's really simple.

Americans, we've decided, are so dumb that "we" think to avoid the swine flu, just don't eat pork. (I never eat pork, but that's another story.) To avoid this misconception, the CDC et. al. are attempting to rebrand Swine Flu as H1N1, hoping that will lead to people doing more sensible things to avoid contracting the flu, and skipping the ridiculous pro-avoidance methodology.

Here's how you beat the swine flu (and all flu strains in the future): call it the Dirty Hands Flu.

Feel free to share my idea; just credit Toner Mishap.