Pat Metheny The Gathering Sky 2006

Pat Metheny The Gathering Sky 2006


01 Proof
02 Are you Going With Me
03 As it Is
04 How Insensitive
05 The Gathering Sky
06 A Place In the World
07 In Her Family
08 Bright Size Life
09 The Roots Of Coincidence
10 On Her Way


Pat Metheny, guitars, guitar synthesizer
Lyle Mays, piano, synthesizers, autoharp, guitar
Steve Rodby, acoustic bass, electric bass
Antonio Sanchez, drums
Richard Bona, vocals, percussion, guitar, electric bass, marimba
Cuong Vu, trumpet, vocals, guitar, percussion, vibraphone

Bitrate 320 CBR

Pat Metheny Group Live in Mesa 1982

Pat Metheny Group At Mesa Centennial Hall, 07.26.1982


01 Phase dance
02 Broadway blues
03 James
04 Offramp
05 It's for you
06 Are you going with me
07 The bat/Ozark
08 More Kansas City
09 Guitar solo
10 Keyboard solo Mars
11 Jaco
12 Song for Bilbao
13 Cross the Heartland/American Garage


Pat Metheny - guitars, guitar synths
Lyle Mays - piano, synthesizers
Steve Rodby - bass
Danny Gottlieb - drums
Nana Vasconcelos- percussion, vocals

Total Time:1:58:51

One Of The Best PMG Gigs You Will Ever Hear

Pat Metheny Group Salt Lake 1981

Pat Metheny Group Salt Lake 1981


01. As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls
02. Offramp
03. "It's For You"
04. San Lorenzo
05. All The Things You Are
06. Down Here On The Ground
07. Cross The Heartland
08. American Garage


Pat Metheny guitars, guitar synthesizer
Lyle Mays piano, synthesizer, organ, autoharp
Steve Rodby acoustic and electric bass Dan Gottlieb drums
Nana Vasconcelos percussion berimbau, vocals

Running Time 01.08.50

Al Di Meola And Band Burghausen Germany 2009

Al di Meola & Band March 19, 2009
Wackerhalle Burghausen, Germany
40. Internationale Jazzwoche


1 Introduction
2 Misterio
3 band introduction
4 Siberiana
5 Umbras [Andrea Parodi]
6 Michelangelo’s Seventh Child
7 Turquoise
8 announcer
9 Mediterranean Sundance

running time: 54:46 minutes


Al Di Meola - guitar
Peo Alfonsi - guitar
Victor Miranda - bass
Gumbi Ortiz - percussion
Peter Kaszas - drums, percussion
Fausto Beccalossi - accordion, vocals

King of the Wild Frontier RIP

Take another little piece of my heart now, baby.
Janis Joplin (1943-1970), from her famous song “Piece of my Heart”

I was saddened to see the headline of Fess Parker’s death yesterday. I was a fan of his Daniel Boone television series Thursday nights on NBC. It was sort a family hour for us. My father would watch the show with us, peel apples and cut them into slices for handing a piece in alternating order to my brother and me as Boone tricked the British and attempted to deal with the Indians fairly in Kentucky and around Boonesborough.

We felt a connection to the frontiersman because our father was from Kentucky. As a youngster I had every intention of moving to Kentucky someday. I also recall reading some lame biography of Daniel Boone from the elementary school library. Do public elementary schools have libraries today? Still, I have an interest in Daniel Boone as I purchased the 2007 biography “Boone, A Biography” by Robert Morgan.

Parker’s Davy Crockett days were a bit before my time, but once Daniel Boone became a hit Crockett was rerun occasionally on “The Wonderful World of Walt Disney” on Sunday nights and I was able to catch up on a craze that was a hit before I was born. Crockett had an influence on Boone because the Kentuckian never wore a coonskin cap.

Time marches on and as family members and TV icons leave their mortal coils, I have an even greater appreciation of our relatively brief and temporary time allotted to us.

Video and an Interesting Article

Here is a link to the video that we watched in class today. This really is the "anti-Church" experience, so please find humor, not instruction, in its contents. ;) The skit is from a show called "That Mitchell and Webb Look."

On a different note, Nicholas Kristof of the NY Times recently wrote an article about the Christian contribution to world aid, especially World Vision. Provocative reading. Here is the link:


The Good Ol' Stones

Assignments Due

Hello to you all!

As dates, classes and assignments have gotten a bit turned around in the past few weeks, I thought that I would just post the remain assignments and due dates for the remainder of the class. Here you go:

  1. March 17th: Reading Summary, The Church
  2. March 24th: Reading Summary, Eschatology
  3. March 31st: Pub Quiz on Millenarianism (based on Stan Grenz's book, The Millennial Maze, chapts 3-6, pgs. 65-173)
  4. April 7th: Research Papers/Creative Projects
  5. April 14th: Journals

Keep in mind that the reading summaries should be short, they don't have to be a comprehensive overview. The upcoming Pub Quiz will be taken in teams of not more than 5 people (please don't be late!). Let's have a breakfast potluck on that day as well. So think about what you can bring.

Also, if you want to present anything to the class, just let me know. This can be your creative project, a short overview of your research paper, or even "what you learned this year" in your theologian/reading groups. I would like to give space to student sharing!

If you need help on anything, just come talk to either Jordan or myself.


Esbjorn Svensson Trio Jazz Baltica Germany 1997

Esbjorn Svensson Trio Jazz Baltica Germany 1997

E.S.T. Esbjorn svensson trio jazz baltica 1997
salzau, germany 14 june 1997


Esbjorn svennson - piano
dan berglund - bass
magnus oestroem - drums
& special guest
nils landgren - trombone, voc


01. when everyone has gone 07:14
02. rhythm-a-ning 06-44
03. don´t go to strangers 08:54
04. bemsha swing 09:07
05. you stole my heart 07:45
06. compared to what 07:37
07. encore 04:07

The Raisin Family Celebrates Passover

Time to make a buck, if I can -- this time, by selling hilarious Passover stuff! After all, why bother having a blog if you can't use it to shamelessly promote your goods and services, right? First though, because I know that explaining a joke makes it even funnier, here's the explanation (for those who may stop by this blog but not be up on their Hebrew language skills):

The cartoon predicates itself on the knowledge that at Passover we sing "Avadim Hayinu" -- translated as "we were slaves." When the Raisin family celebrates Passover, they sing the very similar-sounding "Anavim Hayinu" -- translated as "we were grapes." Get it? Hilarious! Trust me -- your rabbi will be in stitches. And it comes with a Hebrew caption or one in English transliteration (as shown above).

Well, maybe it's funny only to those of us Hebrew language geeks who think it's amusing to say "Hodu l'adonai" on Thanksgiving (someone can explain that one in the comments section if they want to).

So what can you buy with this great cartoon on it? Lots of stuff, and all right here: greeting cards, tote bags, shirts, mouse pads... But buy early, so that you get your goods before Passover!

Brad Mehldau Trio Litchfield Jazz Festival 2003

Brad Mehldau Trio - Litchfield Jazz Festival 2003

Goshen Fairgrounds
Goshen, CT
August 2, 2003

Piano: Brad Mehldau
Bass: Larry Grenadier
Drums: Jorge Rossy


1. August Ending 11:18
2. Viver de Amor 12:26
3. (introductions) 1:33
4. Skippy (cut) 10:00
5. (unknown) 16:43
6. Someone to Watch Over You 10:32
7. (unknown) - encore 8:49

Time: 1:11:18

Bitrate 320 Soundboard

Brad Mehldau Trio Germany 1999

Brad Mehldau Trio Live in Memmingen 1999
Maximilian Kolbe Haus, Memmingen, Germany 1999


1. At A Loss
2. In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
3. A Walk In The Park
4. Schloss Elmau


Brad Mehldau - piano
Larry Grenadier - bass
Jorge Rossy - drums

Bitrate 320 FM Broadcast

Dr. Serene Jones

I was driving in my car yesterday and was listening to the Tavis Smiley Show. He was interviewing a number of sucessful women in honor of Women's History Month. Included in the list of women was Dr. Serene Jones, President of Union Theological Seminary in New York City. She was talking about her new book Trauma and Grace. I recently purchased this book, so was excited to here her talk about it. This book sounds very good, and I think that at least one student needs to write their research paper on it.

In essence, the book talks about God's grace in the midst of trauma (hence the title, Trauma and Grace!). This sounds like a very integrative book. Jones develops a theology that takes very seriously the trauma that humans experience in life. So, check it out!


Why Dodger Ticket Prices are Rising

“Poverty wants much; but avarice, everything”
Publilius Syrus, Roman author, 1st century B.C.

Ms Dodger half owner (Jamie McCourt) listed her expenses and asked the court for $988,845. Here are some of her MONTHLY expenses:

- Expenses for Holmby Hills home - $202,715
- Expenses for L.A. home - $9,007
- Expenses for Malibu home - $151,054
- Expenses for other Malibu home - $88,106
- Expenses for Cape Cod house - $93,279
- Expenses for Willowbend house (we don't even know where that is) - $5,048
- Expenses for Vail house - $7,784
- Expenses for Cabo house - $2,530

An Interesting Article

Here is an interesting article for all of you. It is about Evangelicals and their propensity to give. Specifically it is about World Vision. Something to make you think about the role of faith-based organizations in the bringing about of social justice.