Rolling Stones Warning Regarding Exile on Main St.

It's morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money.
Words Mick Jagger lives by. W. C. Fields 1880 – 1946), comedian.

I love the music. The “new” songs are pretty good too. But, don’t buy the deluxe package expecting to see the full-length features of “Cocksucker Blues” or “Ladies & Gentleman The Rolling Stones.” This is nothing more than a movie trailer for the two movies. The hardcover photos deliver the same old photos everyone has seen a million times.

Arizona IS on the path to Nazi Germany, regardless of what some say.

Rabbi Cooper, you're wrong (as quoted in the Los Angeles Times). I know we all make comparisons to Nazi Germany far too often, but this is a case in which it's appropriate. And though I was uncomfortable saying it loud, I refuse to sit by and not say anything. First, your rights are abrogated based on how you look. The... next step could well be, "All you foreigners who are here legally can wear this badge so we know who you are." It's a dangerous, slippery slope, and if we ignore this just because improper comparisons have been made before and we're afraid to tell it like it is, we're allowing evil to flourish.

(If you want to read what he said, check it out here.)

Picasso, Einstein, Rockefeller, Hitler

There aren't that many people who wind up having their name take on greater metaphorical or idiomatic meaning, such that you can say, "You're such a ___________."

I've got four names on the list so far: Picasso, Einstein, Rockefeller, Hitler. Can you think of more?

(Weirder still, Rockefeller is a name we all know, with a face most of us *don't* know.)

Wolfgang Haffner Trio Germany 2009

Wolfgang Haffner Trio Stadthalle, Altdorf
Germany, 25th November 2009


Wolfgang Haffner, dr
Hubert Nuss, p
Robert Landfermann, b


01 Round Silence 07:11
02 The Flow 05:11
03 New Life 05:40
04 Some Other Time - Nightsong 15:51
05 The Space In Between 04:55
06 Silent Way 06:05

TT: 44:53

Source: DVB-S @320

Marcus Miller Tutu Revisited New Orleans 2010

Marcus Miller's Tutu Revisited, New Orleans
Jazzfest, May 1, 2010, FM

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
New Orleans Fair Grounds
New Orleans, La
May 1, 2010


1 Tomaas 5:36
2 Backyard Ritual 8:32
3 Splatch 13:26
4 Hannibal 10:07
5 Tutu 10:18
6 In A Sentimental Mood 9:08

Running Time 57:09 Bitrate 320

Charlie Haden Quartet West Cully Jazz Festival 2010

Charlie Haden Quartet WestCully Jazz
Festival 2010 2010-04-09


Charlie Haden, Bass
Alan Broadbent, Piano
Ernie Watts, Tenor Sax
Rodney Green, Drums


01 – DJ -Yvan Ischer – 02:21
02 – Today I am a man – 06:27
03 – DJ -Yvan Ischer – 00:37
04 – Hello my lovely – 10:46
05 – Child's play – 10:04
06 – DJ -Yvan Ischer – 00:22
07 – First song – 16:07
08 – DJ -Yvan Ischer - Charlie Haden – 01:49
09 – Lonely woman – 15:03
10 – DJ -Yvan Ischer – 00:24
11 – What' ll I do – 06:09
12 – DJ -Yvan Ischer - Charlie Haden – 02:39
13 – Blue in green > fade out – 02:30

Total Time: 75:18

Bitrate 320 CBR