Various Artists - Café South Africa (2010) (CD 2)

In today’s South Africa you need to relax. So pull up a stool, sit down and order yourself a beer. That taxi ride you just took? Forget about it …

Because here are some of South Africa’s best-kept secrets, the artists and music that matters. New or classic, jazz or acoustic, in town or on safari: a unique and genuine South African blend that, once heard, is never forgotten.

This is a wonderful three volume compilation of music from South Africa ... It´s time to discover this fantastic world ... discover and enjoy it.

Volume 1 is called: "Cape Of Good Jazz" (please notice that Darius Brubeck is the son of jazz genios Dave Brubeck!)

Next week I will upload the last album from this fantastic compilation and then I´ll start another 3 CD compilation called "Cafe Africa" !

01. Andile Yenana: Tembisa - The People (edit) (Mnisi) 4.16
02. McCoy Mrubsata: Khaniyekeni (Mrubata) 5.14
03. Kwani Experience: Chant Down Fear (Kwani Experience) 5.31
04. Steve Dyer: Qinisa Indlu (Dyer) 6.36
05. Pops Mohamed: Kalamazoo (Mohamed) 7.06
06. Musa Manzini: Esikhawini (Manzini/Maphumalo) 5.37
07. Moses Molelekwa: Genes & Spirits (Molelekwa) 4.19
08. Moses Khumalo: Meadowlands (Khumalo) 3.53
09. Bheki Mseleku: Imbali (Mssleku) 5.52
10. Bongani Nkwanyana: Talking Fingers (Nkwanyana) 4.39
11. Darius Brubeck: Tugela Rail (Brubeck) 5.39
12. Zim Ngqawana: Oula Kwedini (radio edit) (Traditional) 4.20
13. Paul Hanmer: Oxtinato (Hanmer) 4.22
14. Sipho Gumede: Country Side (Gumede) 6.17
15. Errol Dyers: Dindela (Ibrahim) 4.50

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