Dutch Jazz Times Closing Down

Dear All

During the last few months I have been working hard together with MFM Media to build a new site dedicated to the European Jazz scene called:

Jazz In Europe is a new English language blog dedicated to all things jazz in Europe. Why English? The answer to this question is rather simple; our goal is to spread the word about all the great jazz talent and happenings in the European jazz scene to the broadest audience that we can reach. Our focus is truly world wide. We believe the best way to achieve this is to communicate to our readers in English.

We will feature concert and CD reviews, publish interviews with European and international jazz musicians performing in Europe, Spotlight top European venues and festivals and comment on all the latest news regarding Jazz in Europe. In time we will be adding extra features to the site including among others a Geo-targeted concert diary, video interviews and much more.

With this in mind I will be discontinuing this blog effective 31 March 2013

You can find the new site at:

Please come and check us out

Thanks to all my readers who have followed me and I hope to see you all on Jazz In Europe.

Johan van Deeg