Pink Floyd Music Phuket Festival: Pink Floyd Music at Phuket .

We were hoping to go with the entire UK line up but forvarious reasons our Bass, Drums and keyboard / sax players couldn't have it. Sothis left the optionof using some guys weused last year .butthen they weren'tavailable due to other gig responsibilities.

Things were looking grim but never say never.

A Drummer called Ricky Haldemann was suggested by thepromoter Andy Anderson in Phuket.

Ricky who lives inPhukethad his Bass buddy from Switzerland willing to start on table and thingswere starting to expect good. They werehappy to go to Pattaya to fill up andrehearse for a couple days prior the the first gig a Burapa bikefest.
After a huge hassle getting his Bass through customs,Patrick joined us for the rehearsals. To present you how committed these guys wereto doing the gigs, Patrick had called national to get his Bass shipped out, ( at hisown expense no less) Rock n Roll man.
So the big night came at BurapaBike Festival Pattaya andafter the usual voltage fiasco with Morten's B3 (bless him) we finally hit thestage at some 2.30am.
The people that were there for the main Thai act had by nowmelted away and we were now playing to an amazing mix of bikers, hippies withchildren and choppers on the vast stage. The Band played well and we werepresented with Burapa MC mementoes' buy the festival organizers.

We're now on a bowl and the gig at The Blues Factory Pattayawent well.

Now we are travelling to South Thailand for our first gigtherefor theKhoa Lak appeal, Khoa Lak is an orbit that was seriously hit by the2004 Tsunami. They do serious work there for the children's schools and we were happyto help out. The gig was in a big Thai society and had good legal system andlights. Glen from USA has united us on keyboards. Glenknows his Floyd and willbe stay with us for Phuket Blues Festival.
So now we get at the height of the tour, the 2011Phuket International Rock and Blues Festival.

After allowing ourselves a night on the town, Patrick and Iheadoff to Phuket Island Radio 91.5 FM for an on air interview which was greatfun.

Now it's time to get down to some tightening uprehearsals.

But expect a minute, Jamie, (singer and guitarist) who hadbeen with me right from the other years of planing this Jaunt, haschecked out ofthe hotel and has left the band. !!!
Shock, Horror and feelings of misunderstanding, confusionand disbelief left me feel pretty low. I wasn't sure if this was a picture from Spinal Tap or Syd Barrett revisited,
Anyhow, because everyone else had put in somuch exertion and enthusiasm, it did not even frustrate my head to cancel thegig. The Point Must Go On!

At the bar for rehearsal the vibration was low, Richy even rodehis motorbike two hours to the airport to try and get Jamie to get second and atfirst was not great to take on without him. While Richywas away looking for Jamie,the balance of us ran through some tracks which soundedgood and we were all agreed that we should go for it! Once Ricky startedplaying, I could sense that he was also sure.
A vocal rehearsal the following day, Glen and Josie worked oncovering more vocal parts, Davesang "Coming Back To Life" and nailed itwhile Igave "Shine On" my best shot .

That night we went to the Festival and for me the highlightwas Disraeli Gears, a Cream tribute from California. From their kick off with "I Feel Free" I washooked, these guys played some tracks that I hadn't heardfor years including my personal favorite "We're Going Wrong". Danny, the Bass player covered the Jack Bruce bass lines andvocalsexceptionally well and harmony vocals from Rich Harper and the Drummerwere spot on . Once the Toms were brought into the mix, the solid sound startedto gel.

The apparatus at the place was impeccable , the stage,the sound, the positioning in the evidence of the Hilton made this a quality event.It was like a great wedding reception for 2500 people, VIP area's Chef's intall hats, tables with white table cloths. this was no ordinaryfestival.

Now we now make full line up Glen- Keys & Vocals, Dave& Josie -Vocals, Patrick - Bass, Ricky on Drums , Sax player Peter and myself on Guitar and Vocals and I'm really looking forward tothe gig,

We arrived on Saturday night and John Meyer's Blues Expressare rocking it up and before you experience it we're on.

I can't review my own gig but what I can say is that thewhole band rose to the function and played out of their bark and gave anEmotiveand Rocking performance. Thank you all x

Although not perfect, it was lively and exciting and I was satisfied that we well considering the short time we had and what we had overcome to gethere.
I had a blast, the voice was kicking on stageand it felt good with the audience. Thanks to all x.

The night continued and the headliner Curtis Salgado with his Blues Harp got theplace rocking. Rich Harper and the boys from the Cream tribute backed him up andthe musicianship was top class and boy! did it groove. Inspiringstuff.

Projects don't ever get to go as precisely as planned to be exciting and a challenge, this was unquestionably one of them. I wouldn't have lost it for the world, met some new friends, had a lot of laughs and played to some great audiences. I will think it constantly as one of the better times I'd ever had.

Touring to be continued ...........................................................
Mark x