Osibisa - The Dawn In London (1972)

This is what The New Illustrated Rock Handbook wrote about Osibisa: "Introduced African rock music to British audiences and commanded large following from 1970 to 1976 when Sunshine Day gave them their first chart single."
Unlike African bands which made a mark in the '80s, such as Orchestra Makassy, Osibisa (described by members to mean "criss cross rhythms that explode with happiness") had a lot more rock in them. With a fairly prominent organ in this London 1972 set to promote their second album, Woyaya (1971), for a brief moment, one might even mistake them as the Santana band. In those days, world music was a term yet to be coined but the polyrhythmic Afro rock of Osibisa is still as fresh today as it was invigorating then.
Thanks to zingapoor for sharing the lossless radio broadcast on the internet. Also, thanks to davies51 for the set list and artwork. This is what zingapoor noted: "I cut out radio jingles between tracks 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7 and smoothed the transitions."

Loughty Amao (saxophone, percussion)
Sol Amarfio (drums)
Robert Bailey (keyboards)
Roy Bedeau (bass)
Teddy Osei (flute, saxophone, vocals, percussion)
Spartacus R (guitar, bass, percussion)
Wendel Richardson (guitar, vocals)
Mac Tontoh (trumpet, flugelhorn, kabosy)

01. Beautiful Seven (Osei/Tontoh)
02. Spirits Up Above (Kirk)
03. Y Sharp (Amao/Armarfio/Bailey/Bedeau/Oaei/SpartacusR/Richardson/Tontoh)
04. The Dawn (Armarfio/Osei)
05. Woyaya (Armafio)
06. Survival (Osei/Tontoh)
07. Kokorokoo (Osei/Tontoh)

ARMU 2419
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