Katie Webster - The Swamp Boogie Queen (1990)

Lovable Katie Webster had some high-profile help for this impressive comeback album -- Bonnie Raitt shares the vocal on "Somebody's on Your Case" and plays guitar on "On the Run"; Kim Wilson duets with Webster for a cover of Johnnie Taylor's "Who's Making Love" (a track that Robert Cray contributes crisp guitar to). Throughout, Webster's vocals are throatier than they used to be (she soulfully covers one-time mentor Otis Redding's "Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa [Sad Song]" and "Try a Little Tenderness"), while her driving left hand still lays down some powerhouse boogie rhythms. (by Bill Dahl)

Two other revies by amazon customers:
Outrageous Blues. Her piano trills, and sassy voice are uncomparable in terms of Blues legends. She just goes all out and hits everything. If you like a blues beat that catches you and takes you into it, you will love this CD. Hard to find in stores. If I have a friend listen to it one time, they are hooked. Recently at a party, I was playing Katie, and everyone wanted to know who she was. Blues to get into, just can't listen to it softly.

Webster is in fine form, great band, strong songs delivered with passion and verve. Katie Webster was also a under-appreciated piano player and she really keeps everything going with terrific solos and rollicking rhythms. Great record for parties or dancing around the house.

Bonnie Raitt (guitar, vocals)
Robert Cray (guitar)
Dave Gonzalez (guitar)
Russel Jackson (bass)
Andrew Jones (guitar)

Katie Webster (vocals, piano)
Kim Wilson (harmonica, vocals)
Thomas Yearsley (bass)
The Memphis Horns

01. Who's Making Love? (Banks/Crutcher/Davis/Jackson ) 3.56    
02. Sea Of Love (Baptiste/Khoury) 3.17    
03. Black Satin (Webster) 3.45    
04. After You Get Rid Of Me (Webster) 5.33    
05. Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song) (Cropper/Redding) 2.38    
06. No Bread, No Meat (Webster/West) 4.20    
07. Whoo-Wee Sweet Daddy (Miller) 3.20    
08. Try A Little Tenderness (Campbell/Connelly/Woods) 4.18    
09. Hold On To What You Got (Tex) 4.32    
10. Somebody's On Your Case (Randle) 3.10    
11. On The Run (Webster) 6.33    
12. Lord, I Wonder (Webster) 4.00    

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