Clannad - Lore (1996)

The air is dreamy, the mood is mystical, the sound drifts slowly over a wash of synthesizers and layers of voices. It is that indefinable, new age, "Celtic" sound that wraps around artists like Enya.

Clannad have great singers, great musicians, and even some great ideas. But by the time they got to making Lore, they had developed a wispy atmosphere, to the point of sounding like they were recorded under a bale of cotton. If you like your Celtic music with personality, with acoustic driven energy and a bit of dancing, then this album, like so many others in the genre, will drive you out of the room.

If Celtic means soft, relaxing mood music, then this Clannad album is for you. (by Louis Gibson)

Ciaran Brennan (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass)
Maire Brennan (vocals, harp, keyboards)
Noel Duggan (guitar)
Padraig Duggan (guitar)
Bridin Brennan (background vocals)
Vinnie Colaiuta (drums)
Mel Collins (saxophone)
Heitor, Anto Drennan (guitar)Vinnie Kilduff (tin whistle)
Declan Masterson (low whistle, Uilleann pipes)Ian Parker (keyboards)
Nigel Thomas (percussion)
Denis Woods (keyboards)

Alternate frontcover


CD 1: (official album)
01. Croi Cróga (C.Brennan) 5.00
02. Seanchas (C.Brennan) 4.56
03. A Bridge (That Carries Us Over) (C.Brennan) 4.43
04. From Your Heart (M.Brennan)n5.14
05. Alasdair Mac Colla (Traditional) 2.13
06. Broken Pieces (M.Brennan)n4.53
07. Tráthnóna Beag Aréir (Traditional)n6.38
08. Trail Of Tears (N.Duggan) 5.17
09. Dealramh Go Deo (C.Brennan) 5.05
10. Farewell Love (M.Brennan)n4.44
11. Fonn Mhárta (C.Brennan) 3.32

CD 2: (Themes And Dreams: bonus album)
01. Theme From Harry´s Game (P.Brennan)
02. Robin (The Hooded Man) (C.Brennan)
03. In A Lifetime (C.Brennen/P.Brennan)
04. I Will Find You (C.Brennan)
05. Something To Believe In (C.Brennan)
06. New Grange (C.Brennan)

ARMU 2425A (CD 1)
ARMU 2425A (CD 1) (zippyshare)

ARMU 2425B (CD 2)
ARMU 2425B (CD 2) (zippyshare)