Various Artists - Jazz & Hijaz - Ethnic Sessions 1960-1970

Hijaz is the name of a mode (maqam) in Arabic music. These Cs contain ‘ethno-jazz’ tracks, recorded in USA in 60’s and 70’s. The artists are Greeks, Armenians, Hebrews, Turks Americans and others.

This album was released with the Greek magazine ‘Jazz & Tzaz’. And this is not only very fare stuff but a fascinating part of music history.

Unfortunately was the booklet written in greece, so I can´t offer more informations. But I will promise you, that this album is a very special one: Long before we talk about fusion this unknown musicians celebrate a mix between their music from their home and american jazz, it´s unbelieveable, it´s great (for example: listen to the classic "Take Five" with this arabic touch: wow !) ... and now it´s your turn to discover these music ! I hope you enjoy it as I did !

I will upload Part 2 of this double album in the next days !

01. Gus Vali & The John Charise Orchestra: When The Saints 3.22
02. Flames Og Araby: Misirlou 3.36
03. Gus Vali, Oudi Hrouant, Emin Gunduz, Luis Bareiro, Chet Amsterdam: Siselsa 3.39
04. Nick Rassias, John Beal, John Yalenezian, Don Varella & Ermie Raio: Aya Zain 3.03
05. Artie Barsamin & his Orchestra: Nene Aman 3.04
06. Dave Tarras & the Murray Lehrer Orchestra: Bublitchki 2.45
07. Chris Vardakis, Luis Bareiro, Chet Amsterdam & John Yalenezian: Pantheon Party 2.26
08. George Mcrdichian, Menachem Dworman, Moulay Ali Hafid & Lou Mavroyannis: Take Five 1.56
09. Mecca Four: Halay 2.50
10. Hakki Obadia: Cha Cha Baba 3.12
11. Menachem Dworma, Hevron Levi, Avram Grobadr & Tassos Mavris: Azziza 2.59
12. Anonymous musicians: Erev Shel Shoshanim 3.19
13. Mecca Four: Asia Minor Dupke 3.13
14. Michael Hart & The Nick Rassias Orchestra: Tsakitzis 2.52
15. Michael Hart & The Nick Rassias Orchestra: Tamzara 2.31
16. Chris Vardakis & his Bouzoukia Orchestra: Farfara 2.50
17. Dave Tarras & he Murray Lehrer Orchestra: Neue Sher 2.59
18. Michael Hart & His Orchestra: Weno Habib 2.24
19. Abu Hassan: Whirling Sand 3.21
20. Gus Vali & The John Charise Orchestra: A Greek In Dixieland 2.53
21. Gus Vali: Bachelerde

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