Sigi Schwab - Amazonas (1992)

Siegfried (Sigi) Schwab, born 5.8.1940 in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, developed a desire for making music at an early age and started playing bass and guitar. At the age of 16 he took up studies for both instruments at the conservatory in Mannheim. He was interested both in classical music and jazz, and very soon, Laurindo Almeida, the Brazilian guitarist, became his musical role model. To begin with, Schwab played in local bands, worked as a studio musician early on (e.g. with Wolfgang Laudt and Erwin Lehn) and, after moving to Berlin, became a permanent member of the Rias-Berlin Big Band. In 1967 his first solo album was published in the USA and Europe. For the studio specialist Schwab gaining experience in an entirely different music scene had been an interesting experience. Before taking part in The Oimels, he had played with the band on the Gulda festival in Ossiach, Kärnten, Austria. At that time the band consisted of Jean Luc Ponty, Sigi Schwab, Wolfgang Dauner, Eberhard Weber and Fred Braceful. They had recorded The Oimels on request of their producer, head of MPS-Records Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer, who had asked them to break new grounds in music. Sigi Schwab was also member of Et Cetera, the successor band, so to speak, of the Wolfgang Dauner Quintet.

This album reflects his emotions about the amazonas, a region that was threated by pollution. It´s a very senstive album!

Marcio Montarroyos (trumpet, fluegelhorn)
Sigi Schwab (guitar, sitar)
Andreas Keller (percussion)
Guillermo Marchena (drums, percussion)
Thomas Müller (bass)
Freddie Santiago (percussion)
Eberhard Weber (bass)

01. Amazonas (Schwab) 18.15
02. Ballade für Anna (Schwab) 11.29
03. Ode No. 1 (Schwab) 5.00
04. Irangiri - Floresta dos sonhos (Schwab/Montarroyos) 10.19

ARMU 2353
ARMU 2353 (zippyshare)