Pavlo - Fantasia (2001)

A real good flamenco guitar-player: Pavlo !

When Pavlo was ten, he spent hours hidden away practicing his guitar.  Pavlo’s parents realized very soon that his connection to the instrument was undeniable.  Instead of discouraging him, Pavlo’s father told him, “Have the courage to do what you love, and the drive to do it well.”

 After years of guitar lessons, from classical to flamenco, Pavlo spent his early years playing in rock groups, and wedding bands.  When they separated, Pavlo moved on, and discovered his own distinct sound that he termed, “Mediterranean”.  It was the first time he felt as though his guitar was speaking from his soul.

Pavlo was inspired to write his first self-titled album.  Although there were many people that told him it was a “fantasy” to think he would find success, he followed his heart and sent the album to music executives all over the country.  When they responded with “It is too ethnic” and denied Pavlo a record deal because “there was no market for this type of music.” Pavlo became driven to create his own record label, and market himself.

Soon, through craft shows; café gigs and festival performances all over the country playing his Mediterranean music, Pavlo did, in fact, find his audience.  They were equally as passionate about his music…and they wanted more of it.

Investing all that he had at that time, Pavlo released his second album, Fantasia.

Fantasia climbed the charts and made it to the Billboard Top 10 and earned Pavlo his first Juno Nomination.

Two rewies about that album:
This album is brilliant!!! New Flamenco at its finest. Unlike other artists, Pavlo's guitar is always in the front during the songs. All the other instruments stay in the background as they should - not competing with him. I listen to Flamenco for the guitarist - not for the maracas and a bunch of other stuff. Pavlo's solos are melodic and marvelous. His speed is blistering (at times)! Wonderful! (by E. S. Von Kamecke)

I had never heard of Pavlo before. I was lucky enough to receive a free ticket to one of his concerts in Carlsbad, New Mexico. The music was outstanding and nothing short of amazing!!!!! He is a very humble and gracious man. He played some of his creations from his Fantasia album and I knew I had found a new form of music that I just had to have!!!!!! The music is stirring, thrilling, joyous, and not your usual Flamenco music!!! This is my first Pavlo CD and it will not be my last!!!!!What a joy this music is!!!!! (by pjdurrose)

Tom Bigas (drums, percussion)
Dino Carambelas (drums, percussion)
Spyro Gazetos (bouzouki)
Pavlo (guitar)

Randy Rodrigues (bass)
Konstantine (keyboards)
Vassili Popadiuk (violin)

01. Midnight Dance (Pavlo) 3.22
02. Ella Ella (Pavlo) (4:23)
03. Mediterranean Eyes (Pavlo) 4.18
04. Paradise (Pavlo) 5.48
05. Andalusia By Night (Pavlo) 3.25
06. Never On Sunday (Hadjidakis) 4.46
07. Latin Love (Pavlo) 4.35
08. Love You Forever (Pavlo) 2.58
09. Under The Heat (Pavlo) 3.21
10. Seleni (Full Moon) (Pavlo) 4.27
11. Fantasia (live) (Pavlo) 4.57
12. Ella Ella (remix) (Pavlo) 4.43

ARMU 2392
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