Versatility is more than just the title of his album. An extremely versatile musician, Paul Whitley is fluent in many different styles of music. Ranging from the sounds of Gospel, Neo Soul, R&, Soft Rock, Contemporary music, to the groove of Jazz. Paul’s humble beginnings started at the age of 8 when he started playing drums. By the time he hit 16 he was playing piano after his father prayed for his hands.
He has performed with a diverse range of artists such as Marvin Sapp, John P. Kee, Byron Cage, Donnie McClurklin, Dorina Clarke-Cole, Maurette Brown-Clark, Jonathan Butler, Wes Morgan, and William Becton, Jazz artist- Steve Cole, Joey Sommerville, Elan Trotman, Lin Roundtree and Walter Beasley. He has also worked with many choirs, music workshops and numerous of bands along with his appearances on television, magazines and radio stations. The virtuoso’s playing and sound has attracted many to his unique style. Some of his musical arrangements include “Grateful” and “Awesome God” featured on Ricky Dillard & The New Generation Chorale’s Project, as well as Arkansas Mass Choir’s “He’s Done Enough”.
Paul’s current project, Versatility is a collection of 15 original songs. The CD builds on a broad stylistic range musically, from the highly charged, gospel – influenced, jazz and soul with accompanying vocals.
“I’m not interested in fame and glory. I just want to relay the message that music produces a pleasure, an experience that you can’t live without. In many different languages music speaks expressions from the heart that brings comfort, happiness and joy; producing rest that flows from heaven to the soul.”
It’s no surprise his versatility keeps him in demand. In addition to playing the piano and keyboard, he has also accomplished the bass guitar, lead guitar and acoustic guitar. Paul has an amazing drive and creative vision to further develop new sounds and musical cultures into his music. With a dream in his heart and a passion for the love of music, his goal is to run with the gift that God has placed inside of him.

As a music instructor, Paul teaches adults and children the art of music from the basics to the advanced.
As he puts it,” Music and rhythm is a gift from God… it’s a message that carries a sound.” ~