Maybe the greatest album so far from this ultra-hip group – a sweet Italian combo with a strong ear for the best side of jazz in the 60s! The album's a cracker right from the start – full of life and soul, and delivered with the sort of depth we'd usually just expect from a vintage album – yet all in ways that are hardly a copycat of older Blue Note or Prestige – and really still a very fresh statement from this crack ensemble of Italian players! Pianist Luca Mannutza heads up the group – but it's definitely an equally-weighted outfit – with incredible horn work from Max Ionata on tenor, Paolo Recchia on alto, and Francesco Lento on trumpet and flugelhorn. Titles are almost all originals by Mannutza – who's a hell of a writer – and tunes include "Evan's Even", "Libero", "Nel Mare", "Shades Of Gira", "Cosi Com Sei", and "Two Friends". ~ Dusty Groove


Steve Grismore writes: "For the last couple of years I have been commuting from my home in Iowa City to a little jazz club called the "Continental" in Des Moines. While playing these trio gigs I have the honor of sharing the stage with an extraordinary jazz organist by the name of Sam Salamone. It is by far one of my favorite gigs, and I was compelled to document this music before the idea of gigging with a Hammond B3 and Leslie in the back of a van goes away. i strongly feel the tradition of the jazz organ trio should remain as part of the jazz mainstream. "We are influenced by all the great musicians of the organ trio tradition--organists like Jimmy Smith, Mel Rhyne, Don Patterson, and Larry Young; guitarists like Wes Montgomery, Grant Green, Kenny Burrell, and George Benson; and drummers like Elvin Jones, Grady Tate, Don Bailey, and Idris Muhammed. For this session we did a combination of tunes from some of these artists as well as our own interpretations of a couple of jazz standards. Over the years I have played with several different drummers on this gig, but for this particular recording it was my pleasure to include a fabulous young drummer who currently lives in Des Moines and teaches at Drake and Grinnell College, John Kizilarmut. Sam, of course, is a legend throughout the Midwest and is a true torchbearer of the jazz organ tradition. Playing with Sam and John is a real treat. I hope you enjoy the music." ~ CD Universe


Musicians will often describe themselves as being on a journey -starting from their days as young and eager students and continuingwhile they mature into professionals. My particular journey iseloquently portrayed in the cover of this recording which conjures theechoing walls of a warehouse in Kozani, Greece. From there, thevibraphone was the vehicle that brought me to Manhattan, a place whereI could learn and be inspired by some if the world's finest musicians. That inspiration would ultimately give birth to the Manhattan Vibes concept: a jazz quartet led by the vibraphone. As this concept evolved, Sergio, Mike, and Vince were simultaneously on their ownunique journeys, the paths of which converged with mine in the summerof 2008. Our diverse backgrounds allowed us to interpret the materialon this recording in a way that I believe transcends traditionalmusical boundaries creating a sound of its own. At the same time, ourgoal is to preserve our collective heritage in contemporary Americangrooves, odd-meter rhythmic progressions, and world music. The truth is that there is no final destination on the musician's journey and Iam very pleased to offer this account of four kindred spirits who havechosen to travel together. Thanks for listening! ~ Christos Rafalides