Melanie - Gather Me (1971)

If you're a Melanie devotee, you've probably grabbed yourself a copy of this album by now. If you're one of those people who summarily rejected Melanie back around "Beautiful People," maybe it's time you had another listen. What she's doing now really deserves your attention. She has developed into one of our premier songwriters, and her voice has filled out to become remarkably assured. Gather Me is an album of surprises. Melanie skips around from introspective "price of fame" songs to happy vocal riffs to unabashed camp, and just when you think you've got her drift, she takes you off in another direction. With some artists this could make for a pretty distracting record, but Melanie has just what it takes to pull it off. "Ring The Living Bell," one of those incredibly vibrant and distinctly Melanie songs, is magic. "Steppin'," about recovering from a lost love affair, is sophisticated and wise; it's easily among Melanie's strongest lyrical achievements. "Brand New Key" stays just this side of being precious, so it's fun. "Some Day I'll Be a Farmer" is a "let's get back to nature" song that really works -- chiefly because Melanie is sincere in her intentions. Remember the old barber shop favorite "Tell My Why"? Melanie drops it in just at the end of side two and leaves you with "Because God made you -- that's why I love you." Melanie's best album since Candles In the Rain. (Circus 1/72).

Gilbert Chimes (harmonica)
Michael Chimes (harmonia)
Sal DeTroia (guitar)
Ron Frangipane (keyboards)
Joe Mack (bass)
Melanie (vocals, guitar)
Roger Kellaway (piano)
George Marge (drums, percussion, woodwind)
Hugh McCracken (guitar)
Johnny Pacheco (conga)
Don Payne (bass)
Buddy Saltzman (drums)
Peter Schekeryk (vocals)
Toots Thielsmann (harmonica)
Eric Weissberg (fiddle)


01. Some Day I'll Be A Farmer 2:50
02. Steppin´ (Safka) 3.26
03. Brand New Key (Safka) 2.26
04. Ring Around The Moon (Safka) 0.40
05. Ring The Living Bell (Safka) 5.03
06. Railroad (Safka) 2.50
07. Some Day (I Got Devil) 3.07
08. Center Of The Circle (Safka) 4.39
09. What Wondrous Love (Safka) 3.52
10. Baby Day (Safka) 3.43
11. Tell Me Why (Parish/Spaeth/Edwards) 1.27

Alternate frontcover

ARMU 2346
ARMU 2346 (zippyshare)