Lindisfarne - Fog On The Tyne (1971)

Lindisfarne's second album, Fog on the Tyne fulfilled and expanded on the promise of their debut, offering a brace of memorable folk-rock (or, perhaps more properly, acoustic rock) songs that were compared favorably with Bob Dylan's work and that of the Band, and even the Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era Byrds, among others, without ever sounding like any of them. "Meet Me on the Corner" and "Fog on the Tyne" are the two best-known songs here, but there's plenty else that's their equal, including "Uncle Sam" and "Together Forever." The only cautionary element to the album was its short running time, an indicator that perhaps the group was being pressed to hard to get records out too quickly.  (by Bruce Eder)

Probably the best known and most popular of all the Lindisfarne albums, the added bonus of 'No time to lose' and Scotch Mist' add to this classic album which hit number 1 in 1972. From the opening cut 'Meet me on the corner' through to 'Fog on the Tyne' with the two bonus tracks which were incidentally the B-side of the single 'Meet me on the Corner, the strength of the songwriting and harmonies shine through. The album sounds as fresh now as it did in 1972, its a sound thats hard to categorise, too folky to be rock, too rocky to be folk, but with a sound that is commercial and still retains it's integrity. Classic songs from the pen of the late Alan Hull such as 'City Song', 'Alright on the Night' and the title track, as well as a couple from Rod Clements including 'Meet me on the Corner'. This album is a must for anyone who collects classic pop/rock albums and a worthy addition to anybody's collection (by a customer)

Rod Clements (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Simon Cowe (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Alan Hull (bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals)
Ray Jackson (guitar, mandolin, vocals)
Ray Laidlaw (drums)

01. Meet Me On The Corner (Clements) 2.38
02. Alright On The Night (Hull) 3.32
03. Uncle Sam (Cowe) 2.55
04. Together Forever (Noakes) 2.34
05. January Song (Hull) 4.13
06. Peter Brophy Don't Care (Hull) 2.47
07. City Song (Hull) 3.06
08. Passing Ghosts (Hull) 2.28
09. Train In G Major (Clements/Hull) 3.08
10. Fog on the Tyne (Clements/Cowe/Hull/Jackson/Laidlaw) 3.23
11. Scotch Mist (Clements/Cowe/Hull/Jackson/Laidlaw) 2.06
12. No Time to Lose (Hull) 3.16

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