Harry Chapin - Portrait Gallery (1975)

What an incredible, varied mix of wonderful story-songs from the master. 'Sandy' and 'Stop Singing Those Sad Songs' are fairly weak and unmemorable, but those aside, this album is art. 'Bummer' is the portrait of an abused infant who focuses his rage to become an unwilling war hero. Raw and absolutely awesome. 'The Rock' can be enjoyed by people of all ages... a song where only a small boy can see the threat against his town, while the majestrates ignore him as a dramatic child. 'Dirt Gets Under the Fingernails' is a light-hearted and joyous look at a couple who make their dreams come true. 'Dreams Go By' is a wonderful, light tale, of a couple who spend their life together making plans only to realize that most of them never did come true, but their life was great anyway. 'Tangled Up Puppet', one of my personal favorites... if you have a child of your own, I dare you to sing along without your voice cracking at the wistfulness of watching your treasured child come into their own. This is one of the more overlooked Chapin albums, but it should be required listening by students of all art forms. (by a customer)

Harry Chapin (guitar, vocals)
Steve Chapin (keyboards, background vocals)
Ronald Palmer (guitar, vocals)
Tim Scott (cello)
Big John Wallace (bass, background vocals)
Murray Adler (strings)
Ron Bacchiocchi (percussion, synthesizer)
Ed Bednarski (clarinet)
Gene Bianco (harmonica)
George Bohannon (brass, reeds, wind)
Bud Brisbois (brass, reeds, wind)
Tom Chapin (background vocals)
Rita Coolidge (background vocals)
Jonathan Craven (background vocals)
Assa Drori (strings)
Jesse Ehrlich (strings)
Joan Fishman (background vocals)
Joe Flood (vocals)
Ronald Folsom (strings)
Paul Gabriel (finger snaps, dandclapping)
James Getzoff (strings)
Susan Graham-White (vocals)
Jeff Gross (vocals)
Jim Horn (saxophone)
Paul Hubinon (brass, reeds, wind)
William Hymanson (strings)
Armand Karpoff (strings)
Jackie Kelso (wind)
Jimmy Keyes (finger snaps, handclapping)
David Kondziela (background vocals)
Kris Kristofferson (background vocals)
Paul Leka (keyboards)
Pete MacIver (background vocals)
Michael Masters (cello)
Marti McCall (background vocals)
Jay Migliori (brass, reeds, wind)
Tim Moore (clavinet, keyboards)
Todd Mulder (background vocals)
Alexander Neiman (strings)
Gareth "Garry" Nuttycombe (strings)
Geoff Parker (background vocals)
Judi Parker (background vocals)
Don Payne (bass)
Donald Peake (synthesizer)
Stanley Plummer (strings)
Katherine Anne Porter (vocals)
Frank Porto (accordion)
Kathy Ramos (background vocals)
Henry Roth (strings)
Allan Schwartzberg (drums)
Jack Shulman (strings)
Frank Simms (background vocals)
George Simms (background vocals)
Bob Smith (finger snaps, handclapping)
Ken Smith (finger snaps, flute, handclapping, mandolin, percussion)
Irving Spice String Section (strings)
Scott Spray (finger snaps, handclapping)
Bob Springer (percussio, finger snaps, fandclapping, vibraslap)
Billy Swan (background vocals)
John Tropea (guitar)
Sheila Turner (background vocals)
Christopher Von Koschembahr (background vocals)
Jackie Ward (background vocals)
Rob White (whistle)
Sue White (background vocals)    
Carolyn Willis (background vocals)
Harry Bluestone (concert master)

01. Dreams Go By (H.Chapin) 4.46
02. Tangled Up Puppet (H.Chapin/T.Chapin) 3.45
03. Star Tripper (H.Chapin) 4.19
04. Babysitter (H.Chapin) 4.36
05. Someone Keeps Calling My Name (H.Chapin) 6.30
06. The Rock (H.Chapin) 4.16
07. Sandy (H.Chapin) 2.48
08. Dirt Gets Under The Fingernails (H.Chapin) 3.48
09. Bummer (H.Chapin) 9.55
10. Stop Singing These Sad Songs (H.Chapin) 2.59

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