Giora Feidman & Gitanes Blondes - Very Klezmer (2012)

Giora Feidman (born March 26, 1936) is an Argentinian-born Israeli clarinetist who specializes in klezmer music.

Giora Feidman was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his Bessarabian Jewish parents immigrated to escape persecution. Feidman comes from a family of klezmer musicians. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather made music for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and holiday celebrations in the shtetls of Eastern Europe. Feidman married Ora Bat-Chaim, his personal manager, in 1975.
Feidman began his career in Buenos Aires as a member of the Teatro Colón Symphony Orchestra. Two years later he immigrated to Israel to become the youngest clarinetist ever to play with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. He was a member of the orchestra for over 20 years.[2] In the early 1970s he began his solo career. He has performed with the Berliner Symphoniker, the Kronos Quartet, the Polish Chamber Philarmonic, the Munich Chamber Philarmonic Orchestra, and the Munich Radio Orchestra. In 1974 the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra commissioned composer Misha Segal to write a concerto for clarinet and orchestra for Giora Feidman. The one movement piece, which was based on an original Nigun, premiered that same year.
Movie director Steven Spielberg invited him to play the clarinet solos for the soundtrack of Schindler's List, which won seven Academy Awards.Feidman founded the "Clarinet and Klezmer in the Galilee" seminar and master class program, which takes place every year in Safed, Israel. (by wikipedia)
This an extremly good album recorded together with a young and very exciting group from Germany. It´s Klezmer music on the highest level !

Giora Feidmann (clarinet)
Gitanes Blondes:
Simon Ackermann (bass)
Konstantin Ischenko (accordeon)
Mario Korunic (violin) gegründet
Christoph Peters (guitar)
Marina Baranova (piano)
Raul Alvarellos (flute)
Murat Coscun (percussion)
Manny Katz (guitar)

01. Maya Freilach (Traditional) 2.41 
02. Der uralte Kindernigun (Eisel) 2.38
03. Babsi's Freilach (Eisel) 2.06
04. From The Shtetl (Braun) 2.43
05. Sholem-Alekhem, Rov Feidman (Krovacs) 4.55
06. Sana's Song (Jäger) 3.27
07. Mamme Loshn (Chaim) 3.22
08. Nigun Gedalia (Saevitch) 3.17
09. Dilugim (Chaim) 2.19
10. Irish Morning (Katz) 4.06
11. Chassidic Medley (Nigun Moshe/Yasis Alayich/Laner V'livsamim) (Traditional/Shenker/Medina) 3.45
12. The Israelites (Katz) 4.24
13. Troll's Freilach (Eisel) 3.28
14. Bublitschki (Traditional) 2.28
15. Klezmer 26
(Saevitch) 2.36
16. Amigos (Jaurena) 3.40

ARMU 2406
ARMU 2406 (zippyshare)