Georges Moustaki - L'Amour a la Musique (Part 1: Le Concert) (2005)

Giuseppe Mustacchi, known as Georges Moustaki (born May 3, 1934, Alexandria, Egypt), is a French singer-songwriter of Italo-Greek Jewish origin, best known for his poetic rhythm, simplicity and composer of romantic songs. He has written songs for Édith Piaf (including "Milord"), Dalida, Françoise Hardy, Barbara, Brigitte Fontaine, Herbert Pagani, France Gall, and Cindy Daniel, as well as for himself.

His parents, Sarah and Nessim Moustaki came originally from the island of Corfu, Greece, and were Corfiot Italian Jews, but they moved to Alexandria, Egypt, where Georges learned French. They had a bookshop in the cosmopolitan city where many communities lived together.

At home, everyone spoke Italian. In the street, the children spoke Arabic. At school, young Giuseppe learned and spoke French. His parents were very attached to French culture and put him into a French school, along with his sisters.

Moustaki went to Paris in 1951 and was inspired by the young Georges Brassens. He changed his name to Georges Moustaki, in honor of him.

Moustaki sang songs in French, Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, English and Arabic.

He married at twenty and has a large family in France, Israel, Brazil and Venezuela. (by wikipedia)

This is part one of a compilation album and contains live recordings from 1998 (unknown location). It´s a good possibility to discover the poetry of his music !

Georges Moustaki, 1974

Georges Moustaki (vocals, guitar)
a bunch of unknown studio musicians

01. Lazy Blues (Moustaki) 5.03    
02. Le Facteur (Hadjidakis/Bradtke) 4.03    
03. La Carte Du Tendre (Moustaki) 3.57    
04. Un Jour Tu Es Parti (Moustaki) 4.46    
05, Sanfoneiro (Moustaki) 3.00    
06. Le Tango Du Demain (Moustaki) 4.18    
07. Nous Voulions (Moustaki) 3.16    
08. Le Temps De Vivre (Moustaki) 4.08    
09. Et Pourtant Dans Le Monde (Moustaki) 3.47    
10. Ma Liberté (Moustaki/Defaye) 2.34    
11. La Ligne Droite (Moustaki/Barbara) 2.14    
12. Il Est Trop Tard (Moustaki) 3.03    
13. Joseph (Moustaki) 2.04    
14. Sarah (Moustaki) 2.28    
15. Ma Solitude (Moustaki) 3.29    
16. Madame - Votre Fille A Vingt Ans (Moustaki) 2.43    
17. Le Mérèque (Moustaki) 2.29    
18. Pécheur (Moustaki) 3.48    
19. Il Y Avait Un Jardin (Moustaki) 3.56    
20. Sacco E Vanzetti - La Marche De Sacco Et Vanzetti (Moustaki) 2.51    

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