Georg Schroeter & Marc Breitfelder - Still Alive (2000)

On May 2nd, 2011, Jay Sieleman (Blues Foundation) spoke the magic words:

The winner is – Baltic Blues Society, Georg Schroeter and Marc Breitfelder,
representing Germany!

That means the two are the first European musicians ever to win the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, USA, the world's most prestigious award for Blues musicians, and run away with it from the USA, the home of the blues.

Georg Schroeter, born in Koblenz in 1964, grew up with four siblings on Gut Panker (Plön district. After finishing Lütjenburg Comprehensive School he began training as a piano builder in Braunschweig, before moving to Kiel. The pianist (wearing a hat in the picture) is married and father of a ten year-old daughter.
Marc Breitfelder, born 1965, is native to Kiel. After finals at the Heinrich-Heine-Schule in Heikendorf he began training as a gardner, followed by university training as a biologist with a pre-diploma. Breitfelder is divorced and has a twelve year-old son. In 1993 he came second at the World Harmonica Championship and was awarded the title of a European Champion of Blues, Jazz, and Country.

The Duo, having performed together since 1988 and released four albums, won the German Blues Challenge and the Baltic Blues Challenge in 2009. In 2010 the duo was the firt-time winner of the new German Blues Award. Now the Duo won the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

This older live album is a very fine example of their understanding of the blues. 

It´s blues, it´s fun, it´s music !

Marc Breitfelder (harmonica)
Georg Schroeter (piano, vocals)

01. King Bee Blues (Moore) 9.15
02. Boogie Woogie (Schroeter) 3.45
03. Route 66 (Troup) 3.38
04. Station to Station (Breitfelder) 5.04
05. Walking (Schroeter/Breitfelder) 4.57
06. Can´t Be Satisfied (Morganfield) 5.05
07. Still Alive (Schroeter/Breitfelder) 5.40
08. Rush Hour (Schroeter/Breitfelder) 3.38
09. Trouble In Mind (Jones) 3.54
10. Flip, Flop & fly (Turner) 4.23
11. Little Queenie (Berry) 5.17
12. Sunnyland (James) 8.19
13. Same Old Blues (Nix) 3.55

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