Fred van Zegveld - Dynamite (1969)

This one its a rare hard to find, and of course as the tittle showa its about hammond organ, so for the those who love the groovy sound of the hammond just dont miss it!

The title track "Dynamite" is hard driving, amazing 60's cinematic funk. A real dancefloor killer!!! The second great track  "I wanna be your man" is over 6 minutes of more of the same genius hammond funk!!! Essential stuff!!! 

Fred van Zegveld became known as the organ player of a charting Beatlesque group called Roek Williams & The Fighting Cats, though they changed their name into Roek's Family on the day Fred joined them in 1968, ready for their biggest hit Get Yourself A Ticket in '69.

Van Zegveld's only solo album "Dynamite" shows his love for Booker T & The MG's, Jimmy Smith and such, though most of the tracks on it are his own compositions. Van Zegveld, who is still active as a musician today, doesn't even own a proper copy of his album anymore, and if he wants to buy one on eBay, he has to pay at least 300 dollars!

The story goes this album was recorded in a lost hour of studio time because the band that rented the studio didn't turn up. Fred van Zegveld and his band where there at the right place and time.

Rick Beekman (guitar)   
Louis de Bey (drums)   
Ruud Jacobs (bass)   
Fred van Zegveld (organ)   

01. Family Blues (v.Zegveld)    3.19
02. Here, There, And Everywhere (Lennon/McCartney) 3.07
03. Daffodil (v.Zegveld) 2.00
04. Blue Organ (v.Zegveld) 3.19
05. Dynamite (v.Zegveld) 4.45
06. Misty (Garner) 4.06
07. Whiskey (v.Zegveld) 4.06
08. Round About 12 (v.Zegveld) 2.42
09. I Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon/McCartney) 6.21

ADL 02343
ADL 02343 (zippyshare)