This is the sugar fix you can’t afford to miss! Drawn together from both sides of the North Sea, Laura Vane & The Vipertones are an eight-piece band assembled from various Dutch & UK projects, pooling their respective skills together for a remarkable funk & soul mission. Since their debut release early 2009 the group has continued to electrify fans, deejays, radio stations, critics, record collectors and bloggers all over the world with their authentic yet modern and raw sound. “Sugar Fix” is a feast for the listener, laying down a rich variety of styles and inspirations, and is a vibrant progression from the first album. Laura’s voice and songwriting has never been stronger. Such personal lyrics combined with The Vipertones’ instrumental elegance results in a record loaded with strong and catchy songs. This record will evoke a strong reaction, whether it be dancing, dreaming or crying, their music will take you there. Laura is the chocolate, the Vipertones are the cream, this is the sugar fix you can’t afford to miss! ~ grooveattack.com


Covers is an exclusive compilation of ten rare and unreleased tracks recorded over the first decade of Jones’ career. Included are interpretations of songs from some of Norah’s favorite artists: from Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson to Tom Waits, Wilco and Horace Silver. The first track, "Sleepless Nights," is a gorgeous Bouldleaux Bryan/Felice Bryant composition made famous by the Everly Brothers, Norah first performed this song as a duet with Beck at a KCRW benefit show in 2002 and it became a staple on her 2003/2004 tours. This version is a studio version out-take from the sessions of Jones’ second album "Feels Like Home" and originally released only on a limited edition deluxe edition of that album in 2004. The second track is a cover of Bob Dylan's song, "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight," it was recorded in the initial 2001 sessions for Jones’ debut album Come Away With Me. Norah took to covering the Wilco favorite "Jesus Etc." Norah has lended vocals to live Wilco performances in the past and collaborated with them recently on the soundtrack for, This Is 40.The Johnny Cash cover "Cry Cry Cry" was a live favorite from Jones’ 2009/2010 tour. ~ giantstep.net


Amazing sounds from The Stark Reality – an obscure group from the early 70s, but one who've really risen to fame over the years – thanks to their groundbreaking ear for new music, and their freewheeling way with a funky groove! This package brings together all the incredible work recorded by the group in the late 60s and early 70s – a mindblowing assortment of funky and fuzzy jazz tracks – almost all of which are graced by the offbeat vibes work of Monty Stark! Stark often adds a bit of distortion into his instrument, which makes for a very tripped-out approach to vibes – one that blends perfectly with the heavy funk of some of the rhythms, and the freaky guitar lines added to most tracks by a young John Abercrombie. Yet at other times, things are very laidback and chilled-out – balanced beautifully from track to track, in a way that illustrates the larger picture the group were always going for in their music. This massive package brings together everything Stark Reality ever recorded – their famous Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop album, the Acting Thinking Feeling live performance, the Roller Coaster Ride/1969 album, and lots of rare singles too – more than enough music to please any fan of the group, and blow the minds of anyone who's just getting a first taste. Titles include "Roller Coaster Ride", "On Being Black", "New World Generation", "Theme To Say Brother", "Dreams", "Clouds", "All You Need To Make Music", "Rocket Ship", "Cooking", "The Old Prospector", and "Junkman's Song". Great package too – with two LP-styled CD sleeves inside a larger case, plus a big booklet of notes and photos! ~ Dusty Groove