Using samba and bossa nova rhythms with her distinct velvety voice, internationally renowned Fabiana Passoni injects the Brazilian pulse into remakes of seven (7) Billboard Hot 100 1970s/80s hits. The charted success of the first track Lovin' You (released as a single) has been heard on jazz and adult contemporary radio stations in the U.S. and across the globe. Dim The Lights (released by Wilbur Music) begins a new year for Fabiana and presents a softer, more impassioned side of her music.

Fabiana's strong desire to add more songs in English to her performances, coupled with multiple requests by her American fans led Kleber Jorge, her legendary guitarist, and Mike Shapiro, her legendary drummer, to arrange and produce seven sensational tracks for her first English-language EP. Working closely with the band members, Magic, You'll Never Find, Lovely Day, Rock With You, Ain't Nobody and Close to You joined Lovin' You on the EP all with Brazilian beats infused with percussion, Fabiana's trademark musical style. Her interpretations are soft and delicate and leave you paying close attention to each lyric. The Dim The Lights EP is available at iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon.

"The acceptance of Loving You and Rock With You at my shows confirms that my fans like to hear music in their native language," says Fabiana. "With Dim The Lights I can connect even more with my English-speaking fans and still deliver the musical style that is definitely my own -- Brazilian!"

Traditionally a Latin Jazz artist, Fabiana Passoni's passionate voice and gambit of Brazilian rhythms transcend genres with Dim The Lights. Her live performances are a celebration of Brazilian soul and culture -- rich in percussion and expression with a relentless zeal for life. These "remakes" in bossa nova, baiĆ£o, and samba complement the rest of her playlist of original songs in Portuguese. Local performances in southern California are planned as well as a late spring/summer tour throughout the United States. Cities and dates will be announced soon.