Due to Dee C’rell’s musical compositions and academic writing, the conceptualization and terminology of Contemporary Electro – Acoustic Jazz, as an alteration to the methodology and compositional techniques of Electronic jazz and improvisation, is directly accredited to Dee C’rell. He first wrote part one of the treatises of The Birth of Contemporary Electro – Acoustic Jazz whilst studying with Professor Dennis Smalley, Professor Alexander Lingus, Professor Steve Stanton, Doctor Newton Armstrong, Doctor Miguel Mera, Doctor Katherine Norman, Professor Melania Bucciarelli and Professor Aki Pasoulas at City University in London.
The subsequent recordings of The Birth of Contemporary Electro – Acoustic Jazz, Form 1 and Form 2 (along with the further inclusion of Hymn from Journeyman), are the first recorded compositions of Dee C’rell’s pursuit of this new music making practice and academic ideology. The soundscapes and musical structures of these compositions encourage the listener to re-focus and perhaps more importantly question, just what it is that we sonically examine within the structure of sound within compositions or popular song? These musical works further embrace what Dee considers as a combination of both “technological sound compositions and improvisation,” and here he suggests new ideologies within electronic jazz and its subsequent performance techniques. Dee encourages us as (the listener), to perhaps renegotiate our traditional listening experiences and further our perceptions of composition and improvisation. Here the compositional techniques of The Birth of Contemporary Electro – Acoustic Jazz embrace the traditional music making practices of the past whilst thoroughly widening the compositional pallet of such possibilities within our future.
Included alongside Dee C’rell in these recordings are: Norwegian child prodigy and Jazz Trumpeter, Audun Waage. Richelle Claiborne, who is considered as one of the most outstanding poets of her generation from America, and the improvisational vocal techniques of Jon Martin from the United Kingdom; known for his work as Pizzaman with Norman Cook and as a photographer living in New York.
The Birth of Contemporary Electro – Acoustic Jazz is one of the most distinctive compositions within Jazz and electronics, as Dee C’rell explains, “Some say it is perhaps a glimpse of tomorrows art music today? I cannot say either way, but I hope people will embrace the possibilities of further advancements.