Charo And The Salsoul Orchestra - Cuchi-Cuchi (1977)

Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza (born January 15, 1951), better known as Charo, is a Spanish-American actress, comedienne, and flamenco guitarist, best known for her flamboyant stage presence, her provocative outfits, and her trademark phrase ("cuchi-cuchi").

Charo was born María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza in Murcia, Region of Murcia, Spain. Charo's father was a lawyer who reportedly fled to Casablanca during Francisco Franco's dictatorship while her homemaker mother stayed behind in Murcia, raising their children. She studied classical and flamenco guitar while residing in Murcia, and can claim Andrés Segovia as her guitar teacher. He once spoke of his pupil in an interview and remembered giving her career advice. "Stop saying 'cuchi-cuchi' so much, Charo! Be serious!" (Segovia taught general music classes as community service in schools around Murcia.) She took guitar lessons from him and other teachers from the age of nine. She has been named "Best Flamenco Guitarist" in Guitar Player Magazine's readers' poll twice.

Charo's first US TV appearance was on The Today Show in the mid-1960s. She later appeared on Laugh-In in 1968. She would appear on short chatfests of a few minutes near the end of the show with Dan Rowan and Dick Martin. Her almost complete lack of fluency in the English language was played as a comic focus and she would have the two hosts laughing at her mangled English. This is also the time that the "cuchi cuchi" line passed into the public arena.

She was headlining Vegas shows by 1971 and reportedly being paid as much as Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles or Dean Martin. In 1977 she released her first solo album recorded together with The Salsoul Orchestra:

The orchestra was formed in 1974 in New York., U.S. and disbanded in 1982. Their music featured elements of Philadelphia Soul, Funk, Latin Music and disco. The Salsoul Orchestra included up to 50 members with instrumental section, arrangers and conductors. The Salsoul Orchestra was conducted by Vincent Montana Jr.

So you can hear on this album a nix mixture between Soul,Funk and Latin Music ... enjoy not only the cover, bute the music too *smile)

Charo, live 1977

Richard Amoroso (cello)
Jon "One And Only Lips" De Angelis (french horn)
Rocco Bene (trumpet)
Crusher Bennett (percussion)
Carla Benson (background vocals)
Evette Benton (background vocals)
John Bonnie (saxophone)
Edward Cascarella (trombone)
Joseph Cataldo (trumpet)
Charles "77" Collins (drums)
Gordon Edwards (bass)
Bobby "Electronic" Eli (guitar)
Jack Faith (flute)
Michael "Sugar Bear" Foreman (bass)
Richard Genovese (trombone)
Larry Gold (cello)
Barbara Ingram (background vocals)
Ronnie "The Hawk" James (guitar)
"Cotton" Kent (keyboards)
Ron "Have Mercy" Kersey (keyboards)
Roger Di Lillo (trombone)
Fred C. Linge (trombone)
Carlos Martin (percussion)
Vincent Montana, Jr. (percussion)
Robert Moore (trombone)
Bill O'Brian (synthesizer)
Edward J. De Palma (saxophone)
Michael Pedicine, Jr. (saxophone)
Peter "Choki" Quintero (percussion)
Louis Opalesky (trumpet)
Evan Solot (trumpet)
Joseph R. Stefano (saxophone)
Romeo Di Stefano (cello)
TJ Tindall (guitar)
James Walker (percussion)
Larry Washington (percussion)
Earl Young (drums)
Danny Zeff (guitar)
viola: Anthony Sinagoga, Davis Barnett, Julia Ann Di Gaetani, Victoria Ann Matosich

violin: Americus Mungiole, Bertram Greenspan, Bridget Pumpolis Mitten, Charles Apollonia, Charles Parker, Christine Reeves, Diane Barnett, Don Renaldo, Emily E. Nicholl, Florence Schwartz, Gov Hutchinson, Helen Kwalwasser, Joseph Bonaccorse, Lance Elbeck, Leonore Walaniuk, Patricia Gott, Peter Nocella, Rudolph Malizia, Thomas Di Sarlo, Vito Kasiello


01. Dance A Little Bit Closer (Montana, Jr.) 4.25
02. Let's Spend The Night Together (Jagger/Richard) 4.20
03. Borriquito (Calaf) 2.31
04. More Of You (Gugliuzza/James/Montana) 4.55
05. El Reloj (The Clock) (Garcia) 3.05
06. Speedy Gonzalez (Kaye/Hill/Lee) 2.44
07. Cuchi-Cuchi (Walker/Montana, Jr.) 4.17
08. Cookie Jar (Brauner/Carpenter/Montana, Jr.) 2.29
09. You're Just The Right Size (Montana, Jr.) 3.33
10. Only You (Gugliuzza/James/Montana, Jr.) 3.35

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