Angel - On Earth As It Is On Heaven (1977)

Truly one of the greatest albums of all time and the greatest Angel album also. The album was recorded on location at the Emerald Palace in LA. This gives the album a remarkable 'large hall' sound. 

The album features guitarist Punky Meadows in all his angelic glory. Multiple stacked tracks of Punky's string-bending vibrato is like a celebration of all that is rock music. Greg's ancient Moogs and Frank's heavenly vocals mix with Punky's guitar to create music that is no doubt sitting in God's album collection. 

And to hear Barry's drums echo through the hall of the Emerald Palace is truly enchanting. (by John McMahon)

Barry Brandt (drums, percussion, vocals)
Frank DiMino (vocals)
Gregg Giuffria (keyboards)
Mickey Jones (bass)
Punky Meadows (guitar)

01. Can You Fell It (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 4.41
02. She´s A Mover (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 3.37
03. Big Boy (Let´s Do It Again) (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 3.54
04. Telephone Exchange (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 4.13
05. White Lightning (Meadows/Morman) 4.45
06. On The Rocks (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 3.39
07. You´re Not Fooling Me (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 3.59
08. That Magic Touch (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 3.29
09. Cast The First Stone (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 4.37
10. Just A Dream (Meadows/Giuffria/DiMino) 5.16

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