Mark Isham - Mark Isham

Mark Isham returns to the basics on this self-named album, blowing a sweet horn, arranging both classics ("Blue Moon") and his own tunes, and using the fine voice of Tanita Tikaram, with whom he'd earlier worked on an album released under her name. Highly recommended. - by Chris Noto,

Isham continues his ensemble-style collaborations with guests Tanita Tikaram, Chick Corea, John Patitucci and John Novello, and the contributions of sidemen David Torn, Peter Maunu, and Peter Van Hooke. The pleasing group work provides a nice complement to the two vocal tracks. If you like these, try Isham's soundtrack recording for Trouble in Mind with Marianne Faithfull. - by Scott Bultman, AMG

Artist: Mark Isham
Album: Mark Isham
Year: 1990
Label: Virgin
Runtime: 45:41

1.  Honeymoon Nights (Mark Isham) 5:22
2.  I Never Will Know (Tanita Tikaram) 6:03
3.  Marionette (Mark Isham) 5:56
4.  An Eye on the World (Mark Isham) 3:56
5.  Blue Moon (Richard Rodgers/Lorentz Hart) 4:25
6.  Ashes and Diamonds (Mark Isham) 3:12
7.  Toward the Infinite White (Mark Isham) 5:20
8.  Songs of the Flying Fish (Mark Isham/David Torn) 4:38
9.  Turkish Delight (Mark Isham) 6:44

Mark Isham (Trumpet, Keyboards and Electronics)
Terry Bozzio (Drums) - 1,3,7,9
Doug Lunn (Bass Guitar) - 1,3,5,7-9
Ed Mann (Vibraphone) - 1
David Torn (Guitar) - 1,3,4,6-9
Peter Maunu (Acoustic Guitar) - 2
John Patitucci (Double Bass) - 2,3
Tanita Tikaram (Vocals) - 2,5
Peter Van Hooke (Drums) - 2,5
John Novello (Organ) - 3,4,6,7,9
Alex Acuna (Drums and Percussion) - 4,8,9
Chick Corea (Piano) - 6