The New Clare Fischer Album ¡Ritmo! 
Celebrates twenty years of father and son collaboration, featuring 
the Clare Fischer Latin Jazz Big Band, Poncho Sanchez & Alex Acuña, directed and produced by Brent Fischer.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the writing/arranging partnership between Brent Fischer and versatile pianist, composer, and arranger, the late Dr. Clare Fischer. Their new album ¡Ritmo! is the Fischers' 52nd release following their 2011 Grammy-nominated album Continuum. "I've produced the last five Clare Fischer albums for Clavo Records, with more to come," says Brent Fischer, director of the Clare Fischer bands.

¡Ritmo! is danceable and all-original material. Tropical music (Afro-Cuban, Brazilian) meets signature Fischer harmonies. Dr. Fischer founded Salsa Picante, his Latin Jazz group, thirty-five years ago. Poncho Sanchez and Alex Acuña were in the band's '78 line up. "Fans know and love these tunes," says Brent, who organized an impressive group of veteran players for this album. Poncho and Alex appear on San Francisco PM, a mambo arranged by Brent and mixed by 11-time Grammy-winner Rafa Sardina. "Rafa and Matt Brownlie did an outstanding job to help bring our creative vision to life," says Brent.

¡Ritmo! is the big band version of Salsa Picante with fifteen horns. Stellar musicians also include: Luis Conte, Peter Erskine, Steve Khan, Alan Pasqua, Don Shelton (Hi-Lo's, Singers Unlimited), Carl Saunders, Andy Martin, Ron Stout, Steve Huffsteter, Pete De Siena, Scott Whitfield, Francisco Torres, Bill Reichenbach, Alex Budman, Rob Hardt, and Jeff Driskill.

¡Ritmo! offers nine never-before-released arrangements by the Fischers. The song collection is like a Clare Fischer greatest hits playlist. Here you'll find big band versions of Fischer classics like Funquiado, Guarabe and Machaca.
Brent Fischer arranged two tracks and penned Rainforest, inspired by nature and Latin rhythms. "It blends our worldwide music influences with the highly idiomatic aspects of Latin rhythms and uses sonic colors to continue awareness of the rainforests that replenish our world in countless ways," says Brent, who plays electric basses, vibraphone, marimba, and keyboards on the CD.

Clare Fischer's legacy continues through Brent, who has shared music with his father for decades. "I've been recording my Dad for a long time to make sure we'll have his keyboard parts on future releases. Technology makes it possible for us to play together on this and future albums, similar to Natalie Cole's Unforgettable," says Brent.