Oscar Klein - Jazz Show Featuring Romano Mussolini (1994)

Oscar Klein, a musician who is still capable of ascending to even greater hights, should be awared a "!Jazz Oscar" if such where to exist. At 75 his power on the trumpet is undiminished, his phrasing swinging as ever. Really one of the las "hot" players !

The real surprise on the international CD market is pianist Romano Mussolini. Self-taught, he developed a piano style reminiscent of the piano swingers of the forties, but in his solos - and this album gives him ample oppurtunity for them - he demonstrates his own disctintive style.

Slovakian bass great Jan Jankeje alternates in his relaxed and swinging session between bowed and plucked bass solos, always full of ideas and dire. Gregor Beck, Germany´s number one swing drummer plays with his usual skill, and his contribution to the sucess of this unusual album cannot be underestimated.

Oscar Klein switsches between open and muted trumpets, plays his blues-drenched guitar and harmonica and wails with his creole-styled clarinet, making this album a vertiable rainbow of sounds.

Gregor Beck (drums)
Jan Jankeje (bass)
Oscar Klein (clarinet, guitar, harmonica, trumpet)
Romano Mussolini (piano)


01. You Are My Sunshine (Davis/Mitchell) 4.50
02. Blues For Peter Schilperoort (Klein) 4.12
03. O Sole Mio (DeCapua) 4.21
A Tribute To Wild Bill (Klein) 4.15
05. Bratislava Fantasy (Jankeje) 4.29
To My Mother (Mussolini) 3.25
07. Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon/Henderson) 4.17
08. Me And My Guitar (Klein) 5.36
09. The Roman Swing Of Mrs. Stone (Mussolini) 4.30
Don't Get Around Anymore (Ellington) 6.20
The Sheik Of Araby (Smith/Snyder/Wheeler) 5.10
12. The New Harmonica Shuffle (Klein) 2.48

ARMU 2132
ARMU 2132 (zippyshare)