Larry Carlton - Playing/Singing

This is Larry Carlton's second independent recording, which has finally been reissued on CD. The trademark 'Carlton' guitar sound is evident throughout, as is his toneless singing. The tracks here have a more earthy feel, as opposed to the over-produced stylings he would later employ; however, the overall results are disappointing. The guitar playing is certainly impressive (especially the distortion-filled "Free Way"), but there is simply not enough of it. Regardless, this is an interesting part of Carlton's beginnings and there are enough moments here that foreshadow his evolvement into one of the most distinctive voices in the history of electric guitar. - by Robert Taylor, AMG

Artist: Larry Carlton
Album: Playing/Singing
Year: 1973
Label: Edsel (1995)
Runtime: 31:57


1. Easy Evil (Alan O'Day) 4:10 
2. I Cry Mercy (Tim Smith/Steve Smith) 3:17 
3. One More Chance (Terry Furlong) 3:15 
4. With Respect To Coltrane (Tom Scott) 4:20 
5. American Family (Alan O'Day) 4:05 
6. Wavin' And Smilin' (Bob Siller)3:03 
7. Captain, Captain (Walter Meskel) 3:29 
8. Free Way (Larry Carlton) 6:15 


Larry Carlton (Guitar, Vocals, Bass)
Michael Omartian (Electric Piano, Piano, Organ) - 1-3,5-7
Joe Osborne (Bass Guitar) - 2,3,6
Alan Estes (Percussion) - 3,4,6
Jim Gordon (Drums) - 2,7
Ron Tutt (Drums) - 3,6
Wilton Felder (Bass Guitar) - 4,8
Joe Sample (Electric Piano) - 4,8
Stix Hooper (Drums) - 4,8
Michael Mills (Percussion) - 1
Max Bennett (Bass) - 5
John Guerin (Drums) - 5
Reinie Press (Bass Guitar) - 7
Chris Neilson (Backing Vocals) - 7
Oma Drake (Backing Vocals) - 3
Julia Tillman Waters (Backing Vocals) - 3
Maxine Willard (Backing Vocals) - 3