Klaus Doldinger & Passport - Down To Earth (1993)

A production of the great Klaus Doldinger with Passport, the prestigious fusion german group. 

Although very well-known, perhaps they never reached the level of popularity wished by his fans and certainly, very well deserved. This album is quite eclectic, but this is a typical characteristic of Doldinger' s music. 

 It goes from a bluesy style, in Lowdown And Flyin ' High (excellent track), a funky touch, as in Korako, the Cuffey' s rap in Passport's In The House, to a deeply intimate sound in Missing You. The Down to Earth CD was honoured with the 1st German jazz Award in 1994.

Klaus Doldinger (saxophone, flute)
Roberto di Gioia (keyboards)
Wolfgang Haffner (drums)
Peter O'Mara (guitar)
Jochen Schmidt (bass)
Ernst Ströer (percussion)
Allen C. Cuffey (vocals on 07.)

01. Wise Up (Doldinger) 5.23
02. Lowdown And Flyin' High
(Doldinger) 6.54
03. Korako (Doldinger) 6-30
04. Allemande Deux
(Doldinger) 6.29
05. Nighttime In The City (Doldinger) 5.01
06. Esperanto
(Doldinger) 5.23
07. Passport's In The House (Doldinger) 4.59
08. Missing You
(Doldinger) 4.58
09. Ridin' On A Rainbow (Doldinger) 5.18
10. Never Ending Blues
(Doldinger) 6.57

ARMU 2209
ARMU 2209 (zippyshare)