The Tuesday Morning Paradiddle

I usually post these things on Monday mornings but seeing as yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving today is in fact the de facto beginning to the week.

Last week was a very busy and exciting week of music for me. Monday started off with a bang performing the music from Charlie Parker's "Bird with Strings" album at the University of Calgary featuring Washington D.C. saxophonist Vaughn Ambrose and a full string section. It's not often I get to set up next to the harpist (and I thought that I had a tough load-in sometimes!) Wednesday evening I was at the Cliff Bungalow-Mission Jazz Series (curated by Jan Mulder) and presented the music from Pat Metheny's seminal 70s ECM album "Bright Size Life" with guitarist Ralf Buschmeyer and bassist Dale James. I had a fun time checking out Bob Moses' drumming to get me ready and man, that's some tough music! This past weekend took me up to Edmonton and I played the Yardbird Suite on Friday night with trumpeter Doug Berner's group and then Saturday evening with the Tom Van Seters Quintet. Never a dull moment for me these days and I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to play with so many talented and dedicated musicians on a regular basis.

Here's a few things cooking around the Four on the Floor office today:

-Here's the video tribute to Jack DeJohnette that accompanied his induction as an NEA Jazz Master earlier this year:

-Peter Hum, food & Jazz critic extraordinaire, over at the Ottawa Citizen recently interviewed vibraphonist Gary Burton in advance of his duo performance with Chick Corea:

Peter was also nice enough to review my album "Sunalta" not too long ago as well:

Thanks for the kind words Peter!

-Speaking of interviews, Ali Jackson Jr. recently spoke with the Examiner:

I've really been digging Ali's playing on this particular album of late:

I really dig how he cleverly dances around his rock-solid quarter pulse on the ride cymbal. He also plays with an incredible sense of space and dynamics.

Here's a few shots of this trio in action from Dizzy's earlier this year:

-My good friend and former McGill drumming colleague Rich Irwin (currently performing and touring with Nikki Yanofsky) will soon be featured at the Montreal Drum Fest next month. Here's a little preview of this fine drummer in action:

-Who wants press rolls? Do you want press rolls? Okay, Jason Marsalis has some press rolls for you!

After seeing this....I definitely need to work on my press rolls....

-Speaking of practicing, I've been trying to up my game with regards to playing in 3/4 these days. Check out these great exercises and playing from Jesse Cahill over at his fine blog:

Todd Bishop over at his excellent blog cruiseshipdrummer also has a series of great waltz exercises that stem from this ingenious little 3/4 Elvin Jones gem:

As Jesse points out in his earlier post, check out Master Roy Haynes in this footage and it's all there!

Have a great week everybody!