Return To Forever - Denver (1974)

Thanks to TheTooleMan, who shared these tracks on the net in 2005. TheTooleMan noted:

The original recording was in excellent condition, sounding like an original tape made at the radio station from the feed from the club. There is slight audible tape damage during the first minute or so of the the first track. The original tape ran about 83 minutes and included about three minutes of Chick blabbering and filling time while Stanley’s acoustic bass was miked. Parts of this and some other empty spaces been removed to fit the entire program on an 80-minute CD. No music has been lost. Audio levels and dynamics were adjusted and EQ were applied. Audio quality is top-notch.

Recorded live at Ebbets Field, Denver, CO; August 9, 1974
Very good to excellent Pre-FM soundboard.

Picture by Grant Gouldon, posted on the net - Thanks!

Stanley Clarke (bass)
Chick Corea (keyboards)
Al DiMeola (guitar)
Lenny White (drums)

01. Beyond The Seventh Galaxy (Corea) 3.25
02. Vulcan Worlds (Clarke/Corea) 14.10
03. The Shadow of Lo (White) 10.32
04. Chick’s Solo (Corea)
05. Al’s Solo (DiMeola) 6.36
06. Stanley’s Solo (Clarke) 7.40
07. Lenny’s Solo (White) 8.33
08. Song To The Pharoah Kings (Corea) 20.42

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