The Mel Lewis Tapes

Just a quick one to keep you occupied while I'm gone for awhile...

John Riley informed me yesterday that the infamous Mel Lewis radio interview series from the late 80s has now been archived on the PAS website here:

I've had a bootleg copy of these for a few years now and found them to be an exhaustive and very informative series of lessons in regards to the history of Jazz drumming. It takes time, but listening to these interviews with Mel is a MUST for any serious student of the music and of Jazz drumming. Mel's first hand knowledge of the drummers he discusses and his ability to articulate their contributions makes these a great resource. I especially dig the episodes where he deals with one of his prime influences, Tiny Kahn. Check it out. John also told me that these interviews have also been transcribed so I wonder if a published book might be in the works (?)