Jimmy Forrest - Night Train

Jimmy Forrest had a tremendous hit in 1951 with "Night Train," a simple blues riff he lifted from Duke Ellington's "Happy Go Lucky Local." Although the tenorman was not able to duplicate that song's appeal with any other recording, he was a popular performer in the R&B circuit throughout the 1950s. Virtually all of his records from the era (originally made for the United label) are on this CD reissue, including five selections not previously released. The tough-toned Forrest was not really a screamer or a honker, and the 17 numbers on the set should be of interest both to early R&B and jazz collectors. Recorded in Chicago, Forrest fronts a rhythm section that includes either Charles Fox or Bunky Parker on piano and sometimes trumpeter Chauncey Locke or trombonist Bert Dabney. The music is very enjoyable and highly recommended. - by Scott Yanow, AMG

Artist: Jimmy Forrest
Album: Night Train
Year: 1953
Quality: eac-flac, cue, log, artw.
Label: Delmark (1990)
Runtime: 49:10

1.  Night Train (Jimmy Forrest) 2:59
2.  Calling Dr. Jazz (Eddie Davis) 3:05
3.  Sophisticated Lady (Duke Ellington) 2:41
4.  Swingin' and Rockin' (Jimmy Forrest) 2:37
5.  Bolo Blues (Jimmy Forrest) 3:16
6.  Mister Goodbeat (Marion Charles Miller) 2:43
7.  Flight 3-D (Jimmy Forrest) 3:11
8.  Hey Mrs. Jones (Marion Charles Miller) 2:57
9.  My Buddy (Walter Donaldson/Gus Kahn) 3:11
10.  Song of the Wanderer (Neil Moret) 2:15
11.  Blue Groove (Nat Adderley) 3:11
12.  Big Dip (Jimmy Forrest) 2:46
13.  Begin the Beguine (Cole Porter) 2:58
14.  There Will Never Be Another You (Harry Warren) 3:09
15.  Coach 13 (Jimmy Forrest) 2:24
16.  Dig Those Feet (Jimmy Forrest) 2:49
17.  Mrs. Jones' Daughter (Jimmy Forrest) 2:51

Jimmy Forrest (Tenor Saxophone)
Chauncey Locke (Trumpet)
Bart Dabney (Trombone)
Bunky Parker (Piano)
Charles Fox (Piano)
Johnny Mixon (Double Bass)
Oscar Oldham (Drums)
Percy James (Conga and Bongos)
Bob Reagen (Conga and Bongos)