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Sangrille Christmas by Mark Alders
sangrille christmas Sangrille Christmas by Mark Alders - Michele 'n Jeff Reviews
A Sangrille ChristmasAuthor: Mark AldersPublisher: E-xtasy BooksPages: 100Characters: Leroy and JordanBook Cover Rating:55 KISSESBuy Here Blurb: Two days ago, Leroy Sangrille, a werewolf, ran out from home, unable to manage any more with his father's abuse. Since then he has found happiness and know in his boyfriend Jordan Williams.

A man who completes him and makes him forget about past worries. His spirit is perfect. Or so he believes. Out of the blue, Leroy gets an invitation to the traditional Sangrille Christmas Howling from his mother. Jordan convinces him to go, and from that moment on, his perfect man is turned upside down as he discovers the very reason why his mother was so abusive. Mother Sangrille has a plan, and through her, Leroy and Jordan will discover that the secrets of the preceding will re-shape the next in ways they would have never believed. Review: When I understand a Mark Alder's book, I often get set to be taken on an interesting journey unlike any other journey I've been on. I often wait for the dissimilar names he comes up with for his characters; I feel for hazard and suspense. I get it each and every time. This is not like any werewolf/vampire story I've read so far. Leroy ran out from place to run the abuse delivered to him by his mother and met the passion of his life, Jordan. They lived in peace and harmony for two days before trouble stirs. That being a petition for Leroy and his love, Jordan to go home for Christmas and invited by Leroy's mom. Leroy doesn't get the bid and jump for joy and he certainly didn't tell his lover about it either. He didn't plan on going, that is until Jordan confronted him near it. When the two lovers arrive at the Sangrille Christmas Howling, lots of unexpected adventure them. I will honestly say you that I say this report in one sitting. It was so interesting I didn't need to put it down. Mark did such a fantastic job creating this earth that I could almost see it. The characters are plentiful and easily done and the surprises I read really had me going. There is a bit of angst, not bad though, it was necessary. I was sad, happy, and excited. Let me not leave the sex.Mark can save the sex! Reviewer: Michele