Even more impressive is this next example: Leo Taxil, in the feeling of many, played the lead part in an ingenious disinformation hoax perpetrated by the Freemasons.which was designed to discredit the critics of Freemasonry.

In the mid 1880's, Taxil began publishing reports describing the alleged 'shocking horrors' of satanic practices among Freemasons (probably all true, by the way).

He clung to his stories for over a decade, adding further charges on the way.

However, in 1897 he arranged a garish, high-profile
"confessional" press conference, where he "admitted" the whole matter was just a hoax.a joke on his part. This created a huge backlash against critics of Freemasonry. Most or all of them had been citing Taxil's reports and publications.

The whole affair was a grand boon to satanic Masons hidden inside the heart of the organization. To this selfsame day, Mason apologists try to use the Taxil scenario to 'expose' any sinister theories.

But there's one simple question most occult researchers have about "Taxil-gate"-- cui bono?-- i.e. who benefitted? Looking at the big picture, it's quite obvious.


Getting back to my original point-in this Taxil scenario there is the following conclusive indicator which, again, involves this tell-tale Masonic "A" (see below):

Notice below, on the treat of this particular Leo Taxil publication (in which he describes Freemason 'horror stories') how they used a different font when printing Leo Taxil's name (remember the "font games" going on with the Michael Smith album cover?).

Here again we are seeing this conspicuously modified letter "A", with a crossbar that corresponds to the form of a Compass and Square.

Therefore, the use of this distinctively Masonic Square and Reach "A" is a dead giveaway: It was the Freemasons' way of sign to the Masonic "brethren" that Leo Taxil was 'in' on the whole thing.that this was a Freemason operation from first to finish.

Look close at Leo Taxil's name as it has been printed on this book cover (inside the red box I have worn in). Immediately below, you see a close-up view. This distinctive Masonic "A" is a smoking gun, in my view.